Scarface on Blu-Ray

posted on September 6, 2011

Anyone who likes guns, movies or both has almost certainly mimicked Tony Montana in the final scene of "Scarface" by saying "Say hello to my lil' friend!" Some of us even refer to the pests that occasionally invade our kitchens as "cock-a-roaches" in the same manner as Al Pacino did while portraying the violent drug lord. What's certain is "Scarface" is a culturally iconic film in the United States, and guns are a big reason why the film remains popular 30 years after its theatrical release.

While the vast majority of the characters in the film are criminals and therefore should not have firearms, it is undeniable that the use of guns in "Scarface," from Colt Pythons to M203 grenade launchers, is a significant part of the movie's appeal. To that end, we strongly recommend you check out the Internet Movie Firearms Database entry on "Scarface" to see all of the gun's used in the film. Also, check out the links below for more on several of the guns used in the film that we have tested at Shooting Illustrated to see if you want to acquire one for defense against drug kingpins or more common threats.

The Beretta M951, a precursor to the Beretta Model 92 and M9, appears in several scenes. Here is a video overview of the M9's history and here is an article explaining the best ways to run an M9, most of which will apply to the M951.

As "Scarface" was made in the 1980s, it should surprise no one that Uzis feature prominently.

While you are unlikely to find a Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special used by the undercover police officers in "Scarface" priced right for a concealed-carry revolver, a modern take on the J-frame is a fine choice, like this M&P340.

Oh, they use a few 1911s in "Scarface." Here are some reviews of 1911s.

The venerable Remington 870 makes an appearance in the final, bloody scene. Not a bad choice for smoking a drug lord from his lair. Another legendary gun with a cameo in the film's climax is the FN FAL, though it did not provide much luck for the thug assigned to it. Perhaps he would have fared better with a more modern adaptation of the platform...

Tony Montana's gun safe is full of moderately exotic firearms. One, which he never used, was the HK33, part of Heckler & Koch's extensive G3 family.

The most famous weapon of the film is Tony's "lil' friend," the M203 grenade launcher mounted to a Colt AR-15. It might surprise you to find out the model used in the movie was fake, as it is quite difficult, even for Hollywood, to obtain a functional M203, much less any ammunition for it. The custom-made, 39 mm unit (as opposed to 40 mm) was also used in "Predator." While we've never tested an M203, we have had our hands on a 37 mm flare launcher designed to mount on an AR. It will

be available from American Tactical Imports soon.

Interestingly, the gun that ends the film is perhaps the most low-tech firearm to appear. It is the infamous Lupara, a sawed-off shotgun used by Sicilian herdsman to fend off wolves. Given the nature of Tony Montana, it is only fitting such a gun was used to dispatch him.

So there you have it. If you want to see a great film in the highest definition possible, go pick up "Scarface" on Blu-Ray. It has a ton of extra features like deleted scenes, a somewhat humorous look at the difference between the film shown in theaters and the version broadcast on television, a "Scarface" scoreboard, which allows you to track the number of bullets fired and the number of "F-bombs" dropped and much, much more.



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