Han Solo 1

Han Solo Blaster Sells At Auction for More than $1 Million

$1 million is a big price to pay for having a good blaster at your side.

Guns, Camera, Action!

Ever wonder how movie studios obtain and use firearms? Here's the answer.


Last night I watched "Bullitt," the 1968 cop movie starring Steve McQueen.

A Pistol for the Wild Bunch

Movies are often inspired by guns, but Para USA's latest offering is a 1911 inspired by a classic film.

Scarface on Blu-Ray

The iconic film was released on Special Limited Edition Blu-Ray for the first time on September 6, allowing viewers to see a multitude of legendary firearms in high-definition.

Sniper: Reloaded

If a Barrett chambered in .50 BMG is your preferred long-distance carrier, odds are pretty good...


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