Review: Wheeler Tools Micro Precision Multi-Driver Tool Pen

If you’re looking for a handy set of mini driver bits and a place to store them, check this out.

posted on November 1, 2021
tool pen

While tools may not be as cool as firearms and other related gear, if you’ve shot much at all, or carried much gear at all, you know that Mr. Murphy will not be denied and they are absolute necessities. Optics come loose, holster snaps come loose, basically anything that’s held on or together with a screw will inevitable loosen over time and wear. Sure, you can use Loctite to prevent screws from working themselves loose, but you don’t catch every screw every time—and there are some screws you probably don’t want to use Loctite on, anyways.

Wheeler Tools has come up with an ingenious solution to minimize space needed for critical driver bits while maximizing the utility. In the company’s Micro Precision Multi-Driver Tool Pen, five different bits store in the handle and fit together so that all that is needed to swap bits is to pull one out from the front and advance the next bit up. Twelve additional bits are included in a polymer carrier that’s barely larger than a 9 V battery (kids, ask your parents). 

Seventeen total bits are included in the kit: four Hex metric bits, four slotted bits, three Philips bits, and six Torx bits including three Torx security. These cover a wide variety of small screw needs, from laser grip adjustments to even shooting glasses repair. While Wheeler cautions against using these bits in torque drivers, as they’re intended for miniscule screws that can strip easily, there’s plenty of purchase in the handle to manually tighten grip screws, rear-sight screws and others to get things back in the action.

Even outside the range bag, the Multi-Driver Tool Pen has a multitude of uses. Pocketknife clip came loose? No problem. Need to replace a battery in a remote? Done. With the “Pen” part of the tool, you have room for five driver bits—load up a couple small slotted bits and the three Philips bits, keep the Tool Pen in your range bag, messenger bag or shirt pocket and you’ll be able to fix quite a bit just with a small pen. The pen itself has small cutouts to view the type and size of driver, which is printed on all six sides of each bit. No matter how you place the bit in the handle, you can see instantly what is stored inside. It’s an ingenious setup that lends itself to myriad functions, all carried easily.

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a loose screw wondering where the heck your small-screwdriver kit went, needed to make small adjustments in a rear sight or simply wanted a small set of drivers you could take anywhere, the Wheeler Tools Micro Precision Multi-Driver Tool Pen might just be the thing you need. MSRP: $34.99;


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