Review: Versacarry Rough Rider OWB Holster

posted on February 6, 2021

While I’m not typically a fan of one-size-fits-all holsters since they traditionally don’t do anything really well, the Versacarry Rough Rider may have changed my mind, at least about this one. Versacarry has created a universal holster that seems to work well for a variety of guns. With “versa” as in “versatile” being part of the name, this makes total sense.

The Rough Rider is a two-piece, two-toned, all-leather OWB holster made from brown and black buffalo hide that has been nicely tanned and marbled for a rich antiqued look right out of the box. Stitching looks robust and solid with no hanging threads. The back leather portion is double layered for extra support and longer life.

I say it’s a good holster, but that was not my first impression. While the look was certainly appealing, the leather was too stiff to put the gun, in this case a Shield 9 mm, inside. I had to jam it in to get it to fit, which had me worried about trying that with a loaded gun.

However, had I read the helpful directions that Versacarry included, I would have had a more favorable first impression because they warn this will happen and offer a solution to loosen it up a bit. Sure enough, after following the directions, the leather began to shape to my gun and relax a bit, while retaining enough stiffness that I felt secure that the gun wouldn’t fall out. I applied my flip test and the gun stayed put.

After several more times working the leather per Versacarry’s directions, it began to feel like a well-used baseball glove: comfortable and familiar. And the outside took on the basic shape of the gun and developed a nice patina around the slide and trigger guard.

My next test was to wear it all day. I happened to be running a bunch of errands, so I threw it on with my gun, added a jacket to cover, and headed out. Throughout the day, the holster stayed perfectly in place, the gun was solid and firm inside, and it was as comfortable as any good leather holster should be. Solid marks all the way around.

When you order the Rough Rider, or any Versacarry holster, you choose what size you need based on the gun model. For the Shield, they suggest Size 3, which works. However, out of curiosity, I tried the holster with several of my guns including two Walther and my Glock 17. While I expected it to fit the smaller guns, I was surprised to see that the Glock 17 also fit it. I’m sure Versacarry would not recommend carrying it in that size holster, but it works.

At $54.99 from Versacarry’s website, the Rough Rider is a great value in a full leather holster that would make Teddy Roosevelt proud.


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