Review: SecureIt Fast Box Model 47 Gun Safe

posted on June 15, 2017
The firearm market has often provided gun owners with ways to easily and quickly access handguns, with a number of small, portable safes on the market. However, the same thing hasn't been true for long guns. That fact is starting to change, and one of the companies providing a solution is SecureIt, with its Fast Box Model 47 gun safe.

Shotguns and, more recently, AR-15s have been go-to tool for homeowners looking for the ultimate in personal defense. Having a gun safely stored and secured from unauthorized users and having a gun ready for action have been two mutually exclusive states. With the SecureIt Fast Box, owners can have rifles, shotguns and/or ammo ready to go and easily accessible with either a quick turn of a key or a few pushes of a button.

The Fast Box Model 47, as the name implies, measures 47 inches long, 13 inches deep and 6.5 inches in height, providing enough space for at least one long arm that can lay on the bottom of the included polyurethane mat. For increased utility, owners can stand the gun safe up on one side and use the included stock base and cradles to store two long guns standing up, if need be.

While the safe is hidden away from view underneath a bed, the company includes a number of protective features that prohibit easy removal. For starters, the safe features a three-point locking system that is difficult to pry open. The safe weighs in at 47 pounds, so it certainly isn't the most nimble object, but 47 pounds will hardly deter a thief. To prevent removal, SecureIt includes mounting hardware that secures the safe to the actual frame of the bed. The L bracket used is secured to the safe via a nut that is tightened from inside the safe body, ensuring that nobody can remove the bracket without first entering the safe code.

The Fast Box Model 47 features a four-button lock that can be used in complete darkness. There is no noise associated with the buttons, but each one produces a tactile click that is easily felt in low-light conditions. The electronic lock is powered by a nine-volt battery that can only be accessed from the inside of the safe door. In the event that the battery dies, a key override is provided. The four-button lock is programmable with up to eight different digits, providing more than 65,000 keycode combinations for added security and safety.

An innovative feature present on all SecureIt safes is the customizable grid system found on the back side of the safe. The system allows owners to mount long-gun cradles at different heights, as well as incorporate other custom options into their safe setup, such as pistol-storage hooks or storage bins. All of these options are available as accessories from SecureIt.

For an easy under-the-bed storage solution that adds versatility and security to the lives of any gun owner, the Fast Box is a solid option. The suggested retail price on the SecureIt Fast Box Model 47 is $299.


handgun facing right against ammunition box
handgun facing right against ammunition box

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