Review: Nighthawk Custom Drop-in Trigger System

posted on April 14, 2020

Whether you have a 1911 in need of embetterment or you want to build one piecemeal, from scratch, with a shot at rivaling well-known custom houses, differences in dimensions and frame-hole location discrepancies from one manufacturer to the next make it necessary for parts to be carefully fitted rather than simply dropped in.

Want to use a certain hammer and sear? What does the optimal height of the hammer hooks need to be to interface with the sear, and what significance does the secondary sear angle serve? How long should a disconnector be in order to function properly? Many factors go into building a 1911 and a few thousandths between key ignition components could mean the difference between a properly functioning pistol and catastrophic failure.

Nighthawk Custom’s Drop-in Trigger System (DTS) provides a hassle-free way for consumers to improve their 1911s on their own, without the need for specialized tools an extensive knowledge of a 1911’s inner workings and—most importantlywithout the costly gunsmith fees involved for what some consider the most common improvement desired by 1911 aficionados: a high-quality trigger job with a crisp, clean break of 3.75 to 4 pounds. Designed to be installed with drop-in ease, the self-contained, monolithic DTS features fully machined, stainless steel internal components, and is designed to replace a gun’s existing hammer, hammer strut, disconnector and sear spring. If you can completely disassemble your 1911’s frame and remove the OEM ignition components (such as the existing hammer, sear and disconnector) installing the DTS is simply a matter of sliding it into the frame. When installing it, the existing hammer and sear pin can be.

The OEM three-pronged sear spring is no longer required since springs for the disconnector and sear are contained within the DTS. A single-legged grip-safety spring is included with the DTS and is swapped with the original sear spring. Once installed, a standard safety check should be performed to ensure the pistol is functioning properly. The DTS is available with either a stainless or black-nitride hammer. MSRP: $299.99;


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