Range Review: Glock G48

posted on November 23, 2019

Over the last few years, Glock has changed gears a bit and added some interesting guns to its standard lineup of duty-size, double-stack blasters. One that really stands out for me is the new addition to the company's Slimline series: the Glock G48. Glock released the G48 at the same time they released the new G43X, and you can read the review of the G43X here.

“With the success of the Slimline series in the marketplace and over one million Glock G43 pistols sold in just three years, the Slimline series pistols have been tested, trusted and proven,” said Glock, Inc. VP Josh Dorsey. “We listened to the consumers request for a Glock Slimline model with increased round capacity and both pistols deliver that flawlessly. Glock’s continued pursuit of perfection drives innovation while not straying from our promise of reliability and durability and that is demonstrated in the G43X and G48.”   

The Glock G48 is a slim, 9mm pistol touting a 10+1 capacity. Very close the popular G19 in length and height, the G48 stands apart by being almost .25 inch thinner. It is extremely comfortable in the hands and makes an exceptional concealed-carry gun. It is like a thin Glock G19. Thanks to the longer sight radius versus other Glock Slimline guns, I found it much easier to aim. This new pistol is the largest Slimline in the company's lineup, and I have dubbed it the "Skinny 19."

For all intents and purposes, the G48 is a Slimline version of the G19. The Glock 19 has an overall width of 1.34 inches while the Glock 48 has a slender overall width of only 1.1 inches. They both have a slide coming in at 7.28 inches, but the G19 obviously has a double-stack capacity. The benefit of a gun with this design is a greater sight radius that is still very concealable. The G19 has been a favorite of people looking for a larger gun that is still easy to conceal. The G19 is indeed smaller than its other duty-size brothers, but it is still a bit thick for many people. The G48 answers that issue, as it is absolutely comfortable to carry.

The G48 is a Gen5 model and has features like a beveled leading edge, as well as forward slide serrations to assist with manipulations. Glock designed this gun for comfort and ease of carry. The G48 combines a longer grip length with a minimal profile of approximately one inch for a comfortably balanced, versatile grip that’s ideal for a variety of users. The G48 incorporates elements of the Slimline series, such as the short trigger distance, a frame with a built-in beavertail and a reversible magazine catch.

As expected, it includes the new Glock Marksman Barrel. This is a match-grade barrel that features a recessed target-style crown, tighter chamber specs and more aggressive rifling to deliver improved accuracy. Compared to previous Glock barrels, shooters should see slightly higher muzzle velocity and less bullet deformation with the new Marksman Barrel. The new Glock is available in three sight configurations; standard, Glock Night Sights and Ameriglo Bold.

The initial visual standout for this gun was the silver color of the slide. This was a bit of a departure for Glock and, as usual, has been met with a love hate response. I personally liked the two tone look, but Glock has since reverted the gun back to an all-black configuration to meet a larger audience. This nDLC finish reduces corrosion and scratching and aids in the reliable functionality of the weapon in degreased or adverse conditions. To the casual owner this seems to be a nice feature, but to those carrying daily, it is an important part of the package.

I have been a fan of the G19 since they hit the market back in the day, and I was anxious to gun this slimmer version of the classic on to the range. As I would expect, it felt good in my hands. Like other models in the Slimline series, this gun is focused on the concealed-carry market, and it will do well there. It is a solid mix of larger gun with a small footprint. To detractors of a 10-round defensive pistol, I would simply say that no one single gun works for everyone. The G48 has the chance to fill a need and fill it well.

To those that have extensive time on the G19, you will notice a perceivable increase in snap and recoil. Nothing to cry about, but the laws of physics apply. The gun is about 4 ounces lighter than the G19, and the reduction in overall grip diameter gives us less territory to grip. As I said, it’s more of an information point than a criticism. I was able to run a variety of ammo through the G48 with no malfunctions or issues.

The forward slide serrations were a welcome addition on the smaller slide, as they helped me get good purchase when reloading and doing manipulations. I found the gun easy to run with a familiar G19 feel. It was just a little slimmer. The fact that it is a Gen5 gun stood out. The trigger was nice, and the improved barrel helped me shoot solid groups.

Overall, I give the G48 a thumbs up. I like what Glock has done with a design that pushes the limits between capacity and concealability. With the standard Glock DNA in this gun, it will serve a wide variety of shooters well for decades to come. Whether you are looking for a new concealed carry gun or just want to add to the collection, the G48 is worth a good hard look.

Glock G48 Specifications

Caliber: 9 mm
Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 4.17 inches
Overall Length: 7.28 inches
Height: 5.04 inches
Width: 1.10 inches
Weight: 20.74 ounces (Unloaded)
MSRP: $448


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