New for 2019: Glock G48

posted on January 4, 2019
As part of its expansion of Slimline pistols in early 2019, Glock announced the launch of the new G48, chambered in 9 mm. This unique pistol stands out, dimensionally speaking, because it's unlike any other pistol in the Glock lineup. There's a reason for that: it's made for Canada.

Canadian gun laws specify that handguns sold to the general public must have a barrel length no less than 105 mm in overall length. To overcome that particular hurdle, the Glock G48 is equipped with a barrel length of 4.18 inches. In metric, that converts to (you guessed it) 106 mms, stepping just over the line for legal sale in Canada. The G48 and its new-for-2019 sibling, the Glock G43X, also has an increased grip length compared to the original Slimline wonder nine, the Glock G43, answering consumer requests, according to Glock, Inc. VP Josh Dorsey. 

“We listened to the consumers request for a GLOCK Slimline model with increased round capacity and both of these pistols deliver that flawlessly," Dorsey said. "GLOCK’s continued pursuit of perfection drives innovation while not straying from our promise of reliability and durability and that is demonstrated in the G43X and G48.”

So, if the Glock G48 is designed for the Canadian market, what makes it a viable option for American consumers? There are two aspects of the gun in particular that require some consideration. First, one of today's most-popular concealed-carry guns is the Glock G19. Thanks to the lengthened slide and barrel on the G48, the sight radius between the two guns is nearly identical. For those looking for a slimmer, more-compact concealed-carry option, the new G48 offers that without giving up the accuracy benefits of the lengthened sight radius. In short, it's basically a single-stack G19.

Glock's new G48 also addresses some of the consumer complaints that emerged with the launch of guns like the G19X and G45. Some said the decreased length of the slide and the increased length of the frame on these models made the guns less-suited for concealed carry than if the slide length were increased and the frame size decreased. With the G48, these consumers now have a concealed-carry option with an increased slide and barrel length combined with a relatively short grip frame.

The similarities between the G43X and the G48 include identical frame sizes, both guns measuring 5.04 inches in height and 1.1 inches wide. This enlarged frame provides a single-stack magazine capacity of 10 rounds, adding four rounds above the magazine capacity of the Glock G43. Both guns are also finished with a silver nPVD finish, similar to the same finish treatment applied to the company's military-tested G19X. Each gun ships with slide serrations at the front and rear, and the pistols ship with a reversible magazine catch and Glock's match-grade Marksman Barrel.

The Glock G48 can be had with standard sights, Glock Night Sights or Ameriglo BOLD sights. The suggested retail price on the gun is $580.



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