Product Review: Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

posted on March 8, 2020
Well, might as well just get this out at the get-go. Yes, we've posted a lot about Glock and Glock-like pistols. No, we don't think they're the greatest thing ever, honest. They're ubiquitous and popular, and as such, they're worthy of note. When there's a product that makes them demonstrably better, we are more than happy to showcase this product and fill you in on why you might want it. The Action Enhancement Trigger Kit from Apex Tactical is one such product.

In the case of Glocks and Glock triggers, there's few out there who would seriously argue that the factory triggers on Glock handguns, at least on Gen4 and older, are very-good-to-excellent. If pressed (ha! trigger puns!), the triggers are fair-to-good under most circumstances, which, when you think about it, is really all you need in a fighting handgun. The trigger is not so gosh-awful out of the box that you'd rather throw the entire pistol at an attacker, but it's certainly not the refined pull of a 1911 or SIG P210. It's probably the second-most popular upgrade on a Glock, right after the replacement of the plastic dovetail protectors, err, sights.

Replacing the trigger on a Glock-style pistol (the attentive eye will note that the pistol into which this trigger was installed is actually a serialized Polymer80 frame) is straightforward and simple, and we've covered it previously in our Glock DIY series. Apex also has a simple, easy-to-follow video on the company's website. If for any reason you are not comfortable doing this yourself, bring your pistol to a gunsmith to have them perform the work. It's not terribly difficult, but if you have any doubts, let a professional handle it.

Once installed, one of the first things to notice is the lighter pull. Apex claims the trigger will reduce pull by approximately one pound, and my experience mirrors that assessment. More important that the reduction in weight, though, is how much smoother the pull is with the Apex trigger bar and assembly. It really is night and day.

Lastly, and this is a personal thing for me, the Apex trigger is flat-faced as opposed to the traditional, stepped Glock trigger. From a purely tactile standpoint, I prefer the Apex trigger over the standard Glock trigger quite a bit.

Smoother pull, better feel in the hand and a greater aesthetic? There's a lot to like about an Apex Tactical trigger upgrade.


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