Product Recall: Barnes VOR-TX .300 Weatherby Ammo

posted on May 25, 2017
Barnes Bullets has announced that 18 lots of its Barnes Bullets, LLC .300 Weatherby 180-grain TTSX VOR-TX possibly contain cartridges of a different caliber. The company warns that using an incorrect caliber of ammo in a rifle can possibly result in firearm damage, serious personal injury or death.

The affected lot numbers are: Z08SA15L, Z08SB15L, Z09SA15L, Z09SB15L, Z11SB15L, Z11SC15L, Z12SA15L, Z12SB15L, Z12SC15L, Z08SA15R, Z08SB15R, Z09SA15R, Z09SB15R, Z11SB15R, Z11SC15R, Z12SA15R, Z12SB15R and Z12SC15R.

If you own ammunition from any of the above 18 lots, do not use the ammo. If you own a case of Barnes .300 Weatherby 180-grain TTSX VOR-TX ammo, the lot number can be found on the outside of the case. If you own a box of ammo, the lot number can be found on the inside flap of the box.

The company has a set procedure for those who own portions of the affected lots. First, immediately cease all use of the ammo. Barnes Bullets has set up a telephone line at 435-856-1115 for affected customers. The company will arrange for return shipment of the affected ammo and will send replacement ammo at no cost to the consumer.

For customers who are unsure of their lot number or have mixed boxes of ammunition, the company asks that they call the phone line and arrange for the return and replacement of the ammo anyway. For all other questions related to the return of the affected ammo, the company asks that they call the Consumer Service Department at the number above.



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