PowerFilm Solar R7 Rollable Solar Panel

posted on July 14, 2014

Now here's an interesting choice for folks that camp, boat or simply want a multi-purpose solar charger.

The PowerFilm Solar R7 rollable solar panel is capable of charging your small electronic devices (phone, MP3 player, tablet, etc.) that can also be used to keep your 12V battery charged. If you have a boat or recreational vehicle that sees only occasional use, having the means to charge a dead battery that can stand up to weather and doesn't break the bank is a welcome concept.

The R7 is waterproof, rolls up to an easily stored size and has grommets at all four corners to secure it to a boat, RV or tent. It works under low-light and cloudy conditions and provides power instantly when exposed to sunlight. It's a little piece of insurance when on the water, on vacation or simply any time you need just a little bit more power.

MSRP: $131.99


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