PHLster Holsters Announces Partnership with World Champion Julie Golob

PHLster Holsters announces a partnership with World Champion Julie Golob.

posted on March 2, 2022
Julie Golob and PHLster holsters

PHLster Holsters recently announced a partnership with World Champion shooter Julie Golob. Citing Golob’s impressive record of IPSC championships in addition to her work with new shooters and firearm-safety advocate, PHLster’s support of Golob comes as no surprise.

We’ve covered numerous PHLster products here at Shooting Illustrated, both in the pages of our magazine and in our weekly “I Carry” video series. The company’s holsters are well made, represent excellent value and make life easier for the concealed carrier. Julie Golob is a tireless advocate for firearm safety and the critical importance of new shooters to firearm advocacy, in addition to being a world-class shooter.

“As a firearms safety advocate, instructor, and personality, Julie’s wealth of knowledge is invaluable to our team,” said Jonathan Hauptman, owner of PHLster, LLC. “Her experience on the range combined with her ability to communicate the importance of effective concealed carry and readiness makes her a standout in this industry that we are proud to partner with.”

The partnership goes both ways, too. Golob cited PHLster’s commitment to high-quality products that make concealed carry more accessible to the Second Amendment community, especially for women, the largest-growing segment for concealed carry. PHLster’s product line, particularly the company’s deep concealment Enigma system, is one of the factors for Golob. This system allows for comfortable concealed carry of a variety of firearms without relying on the traditional belt system, resulting in more carry options for a wider range of people and body sizes and types.

“I am both a long time and big fan of the PHLster Enigma. Like so many, I appreciate and value the company’s dedication to designing leading-edge gear for everyday carry.” said Golob. “Joining the PHLster team, to not only share their innovative products but also help educate others about how to find effective and comfortable concealed carry solutions, is both exciting and rewarding.”



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