Otis Technology Joining Fight Against COVID-19

posted on March 31, 2020

Otis Technology is among the many firearm companies that have now engaged the COVID-19 threat. The company has partnered with Saint Lawrence Spirits to make, bottle and distribute hand sanitizer to first responders in desperate need during the pandemic. In addition, the firm began using its facilities—that normally manufacture firearms maintenance equipment for military, law enforcement and civilians—to immediately begin manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE).

“We’d been following the news closely in order to stay up-to-date on the virus and ensure the safety of our employees,” said Larry Williams, CEO for Otis Technology. “We made the decision to temporarily cut our staff, in order to keep them at home, safe and to help flatten the curve. This decision was made just hours before Governor Cuomo announced a mandated workforce reduction.

“We also began immediately asking ourselves ‘how can we help,’” he explained. “Otis is a state-of-the art facility built on innovation. We have a dedicated research-and-development facility that can investigate and tackle new projects and they took the task of PPE by storm. I applaud my entire team’s efforts—working around the clock to get up and running.”

To date, Otis Technology has donated hand sanitizer and eye shields to several facilities in need—Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY, Lewis County Emergency Management and a donation to Oswego County Emergency Management is pending. These initial donations are close to Otis’ facilities in Lewis and Oswego counties (NY), respectively. A portion of hand sanitizer and PPE made will continue to be donated to first responders and hospitals.

The company’s established logistics avenues as a defense contractor enhances its ability to get urgently needed items into the hands of those on the front lines fighting this pandemic. The company is working diligently to fulfill as many orders that have come in and continue to procure more materials to meet demand.

Thus far, Otis Technology has manufactured or procured face shields, facemasks, shoe covers and the hand sanitizer in conjunction with Saint Lawrence Spirits. In a company statement it promised to, “…continue to work diligently to expand its offering of these essential items as long as necessary in order to keep those on the front lines of this pandemic safe.”


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