New Revolvers for 2020

posted on May 20, 2020

A new Python, another wheelgun in .32 H&R Mag., a top-break .22 LR, a new Kimber and a couple new concealed-carry options bring a half-dozen new revolvers to market for 2020. If you're a fan of the wheelgun, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a target model, smitten with nostalgia or just looking for a stalwart concealed-carry firearm, there's something for you in this roundup.

Charter Arms Professional IV

Charter Arms | Professional IV
Fans of the .32 H&R Mag. have a new revolver in the Charter Arms Professional IV, which offers a carry-length 3-inch barrel, full underlug and sculpted wooden grips. It also features Charter’s flat-latch cylinder release and protected crane.

Wooden grips
Stainless steel finish
Full underling
Fiber-optic front sight

Caliber: .32 H&R Mag.
Cylinder Capacity: 6 rounds
Barrel Length: 3 inches 
Overall Length: 7.81 inches
Weight: 22 ounces
MSRP: $420
(866) 769-4867

Colt Python

Colt | Python
Colt adds to the class and accuracy potential of its Python with the addition of a 4.25-inch-barreled variant to the legendary lineup. For those wanting even more precision-shooting ability, a 6-inch version is also available.

Adjustable rear sight
Interchangeable red-ramp front sight
Checkered Walnut grips
Semi-bright finish

Caliber: .357 Mag.
Cylinder Capacity: 6 rounds
Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
Overall Length: 9.75 inches
Weight: 42 ounces
MSRP: $1,499
(800) 962-2658

Kimber K6s DASA 4” Combat

Kimber | K6s DASA 4” Combat
Suitable for backup, concealed carry and home defense, the new model takes the original K6s system and outfits it with a double- and single-action trigger. 

Extended combat grip with finger grooves
White-dot sights
Knurled hammer spur
Serrated backstrap

Caliber: .357 Mag.
Cylinder Capacity: 6 rounds 
Barrel Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 8.62 inches
Weight: 25.5 ounces
MSRP: $989
(888) 243-4522

North American Arms  Ranger II

North American Arms | Ranger II
Featuring a new barrel length for the popular Ranger II, the 4-inch model contains a break-top barrel which ejects the shells as it opens, making it perfect for a quick reload as well as for concealed carry.

XS Tritium night sights
Rosewood grip
Spurred hammer
Break-top barrel

Caliber: .22 Mag
Cylinder Capacity: 5 rounds 
Barrel Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 7.5 inches
Weight: 8.1 ounces
MSRP: $594
(801) 374-9990 

Taurus 942

Taurus | 942
Based on Taurus’ popular 856 revolver, the 942 is a rimfire wheelgun perfect for training and plinking thanks to the abundance of .22 LR ammunition. The eight-round cylinder adds to its appeal for practicing the fundamentals. 

Ergonomic rubber grip
Serrated-ramp front sight
Drift-adjustable rear sight
Exposed hammer

Caliber: .22 LR
Cylinder Capacity: 8 rounds
Barrel Length: 2 inches
Overall Length: 6.6 inches
Weight: 18 ounces
MSRP: $369.52
(800) 327-3776

Taurus Defender 856

Taurus | Defender 856
Purpose-built for concealed carry, the Defender 856 sports a host of features—like upgraded sights and ergonomics—that make it a solid, affordable choice for personal protection.

AmeriGlo tritium front sight
Textured VZ grip
Matte stainless steel finish
Extended ejector rod

Caliber: .38 Spl. +P
Cylinder Capacity: 6 rounds
Barrel Length: 3 inches
Overall Length: 7.5 inches
Weight: 35 ounces
MSRP: $477
(800) 327-3776


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