New for 2022: SureFire New Turbo Series Handheld Lights and Weaponlights

SureFire's latest line of handheld lights and weaponlights demonstrates that it's possible to make a good product line even better.

posted on January 20, 2022
SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pro

SureFire introduced its all-new Turbo Series of handheld lights and weaponlights.
SureFire’s original Turbo Series lights first emerged in the 1990s, when end-user feedback led the company to create illumination tools that stretched every lumen of its classic incandescent lamps to never-before-seen distances. In 2022,SureFire’s all-new Turbo Series again pushes the limits, offering up to 71,000 candela of intense, tightly focused light capable of reaching out to extreme distances. They are also engineered to take a beating and thrive in any environment. Turbo Series lights are ideal for those looking to illuminate out to greater distances and allow threat identification from increased standoff. They also offer additional penetration through tinted windows, or a blinding discharge of light to disrupt the night-adapted vision of an aggressor. Turbo Series lights are scheduled to ship in March 2022.


  • Rugged and compact, the EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT provide the farthest-reaching beams of any SureFire EDC handhelds, giving users the light they need for any situation.
  • EDC1-DFT generates 71,000 candela when powered by the included SF18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • EDC2-DFT delivers 71,000 candela plus more runtime when powered by the included SF18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • SureFire’s versatile Dual Fuel feature allows easy swapping to 123A lithium primary batteries with minimal decrease in performance and runtime.
  • A low-output setting provides ample light that facilitates administrative tasks.
  • A sturdy, two-way clip also offers the added flexibility of bezel-up or bevel-down carry.



  • SureFire Turbo Scout Light® Pro WeaponLights are the right tools for any mission. 
  • SureFire's Low-Profile Mount (LPM) optimizes the light's position relative to the rail and other attached firearm accessories. Users can mount the light where they want it.
  • Roughly the same size as their non-Turbo counterparts, the M340DFT-PRO and M640DFT-PRO deliver 71,000 candela of high-intensity, far-reaching light.
  • SureFire’s versatile Dual Fuel feature allows you to power up with the appropriate rechargeable 18350 or 18650 batteries or 123 lithium primary batteries.
  • The M340DFT-PRO is smaller and more compact. The M640DFT-PRO is larger, but offers added runtime.
  • Every Scout Light Pro features reliable, intuitive switching, and can be accessorized with the most comprehensive switching options in the industry.


  • Powered by two 123A lithium primary batteries, the X300T-A and X400T-A handgun weaponlights generate 50,000 candela of intense, far-reaching white light.
  • The X400T-A also incorporates a highly visible laser—available in green or red—to help users get on target quickly without requiring the alignment of iron sights.
  • The X-Series features reliable, intuitive switching, and DG switch options are also available.


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