New for 2020: Leupold VX-Freedom AR Riflescopes

posted on January 21, 2020

If you’re looking for a new riflescope for your MSR you might not have to look any further than Leupold. For 2020, Leupold has introduced five new AR riflescopes in the VX-Freedom family. All five models feature either a .223 ballistic dial or a .223 ballistic reticle, exposed 0.1-Mil adjustments and Mil-based reticles.

They include a 1.5-4x20 with a 30 mm tube and a .223 Mil Illuminated FireDot MIL-Ring reticle, a 1-inch tubed 3-9x40 with a .223 Mil TMR reticle, a 1-inch tubed 4-12x40 with the .223 Mil TMR reticle, a 4-12x40 with a 30 mm tube that’s outfitted with a .223 Mil Side Focus TMR reticle, and finally for shooting at extended ranges, a 6-18x40 with a 30 mm tube and a .223 Mil Side Focus TMR reticle.

The VX-Freedom line is built to deliver relentless reliability and versatility. Military-spec lens coatings provide abrasion resistance, protecting the riflescope in the most challenging terrain. And, a low-profile ergonomically advanced power selector ring provides exceptional grip and ease of use, even in the cold or wet, or when wearing gloves. VX-Freedom riflescopes also deliver excellent performance in low-light situations and are exceptional at glare management, thanks to the proprietary Leupold Twilight Light Management System. A combination of lens coatings and physical design elements in the riflescope, which are part of the Twilight Light Management System, helps shooters make the most of low-light conditions found at dawn and dusk.

The new VX-Freedom AR riflescopes deliver a pre-calibrated setup and adjustments that make target engagement at any distance, with any AR-style rifle chambered for the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO easier. But maybe their best attribute is that all these features are combined with affordability, in a package that’s been designed, machined and assembled in the very same building as the well-known Mark 5HD and Mark 8 riflescopes. For more information on the full line of Leupold VX-Freedom AR riflescopes visit


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