New for 2020: EAA Girsan Regard MC Deluxe

posted on February 8, 2020

European American Armory Corporation is introducing the newest model to the Girsan Regard line of pistols, the Regard MC Deluxe, to its inventory of high-quality and affordable handguns, rifles and shotguns.

The Regard MC Deluxe is based on the Beretta 92 design, which Girsan used to develop the Regard single-action pistol. This pistol has won the favor of the Turkish military and law enforcement for many years and is also a NATO-approved sidearm. This means that the Regard series of pistols all feature Mil-spec parts and are manufactured to meet some of the highest international quality standards. 

While the Regard MC Deluxe looks like a beautiful, highly collectible work of art, it is a fully functional combat handgun that is more at home on the range than in your safe. The gold-plated pistol features a hand-engraved design with matte-black controls and beautifully figured laminated grips. In addition to this, this unique pistol features an ambidextrous safety, drift adjustable sights and a decocker. There is also an accessory rail in front of the trigger guard on the frame, allowing you to extend the functionality of the pistol with your favorite light, laser or other accessory. 

The MC Deluxe is the newest member of EAA’s Girsan Regard family, and will be available at your local EAA retailer in the next few months.  

EAA Regard MC Deluxe Specifications:
Model: Regard MC Deluxe                                             
Caliber: 9 mm                                                              
Action: SA                                                                                  
BBL: 4.9 inches                                                                                
Capacity: 18+1 rounds                                                              
Overall Length: 8.6 inches                                                                                
Height: 5.5 inches                                                                                
Width: 1.375 inches                                                                   
Weight: 2.15 pounds                                                                      
MSRP: $705        

More information on the Regard MC Deluxe is available at


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