EAA 2311

First Look: EAA/Girsan Witness 2311 Pistol

Enjoy the benefits of a double stack 1911 without emptying your wallet.

First Look: New 1911 Pistols from EAA / Girsan

Both pistols are offered in a wide variety of sizes, calibers and finishes.

First Look: MCP35 PI LW 9mm Pistol

Optics-ready and no magazine disconnect. 

First Look: Girsan MC14T Lady Pistol

The tip up barrel makes it stand out, even without the distinctive fit and finish.

I Carry: EAA/Girsan MC P35 PI 9 mm Pistol in a Galco Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we have an EAA/Girsan MC P35 PI 9 mm pistol carried in a Galco Combat Master holster with a Bear Ops Auto Bold Action XV automatic pocketknife.

First Look: Apex Tactical Hi Power Magazine Well

Add a modern touch to a classic sidearm.

Review: EAA MC P35 PI Pistol

The latest addition to EAA’s MC P35 lineup is proof that good things do indeed come in small(er) packages.

First Look: Davidson's Exclusive MC P35s Pistol

The silver Cerakote finish and walnut grips make this pistol stand out in a crowd.

New Compact Carry Handguns for 2023

A compact carry gun might not be biggest dog on the block, but it still barks and has quite the bite as well.

Fightin’ Iron: The Hi Power Returns

The Hi Power has seen a renaissance in the past couple of years with new models such as Springfield Armory’s SA-35, the FN America High Power and the EAA MC P35 entering the market and selling briskly.

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