New for 2019: Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 in .40 S&W

posted on June 19, 2019

One of the most-popular concealed-carry guns on the market, the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 found success by offering consumers a slim, single-stack design chambered for the most-popular personal-defense round sold today: 9mm. However, many still consider larger calibers to be a better option for personal defense, and the company soon followed up with a CCW pistol chambered in .45 ACP. For 2019, Springfield Armory filled out its concealed-carry offerings with a new carry option in its XD-S Mod.2 lineup, which is now chambered in .40 S&W, packing either 6+1 or 7+1 rounds in a slim, easy to carry concealed carry firearm.

Following the success of the XD-S Mod.2 in .45 ACP and 9mm calibers, the .40 S&W version was added back into the lineup by customer demand, rounding out the line with variety of caliber choices. Built with a slim profile that is optimized for concealed carry, the XD-S Mod.2 combines a small frame and single-stack design with the .40 S&W cartridge to provide a great combination of power, size and reliability.

The XD-S Mod.2 in .40 S&W features the popular characteristics of the XD-S Mod.2 product lineup, including a fiber-optic front sight and an angled rear sight to allow the user to rack the slide against a belt or door frame in an emergency. The slide is serrated to allow for easy manipulation and enhanced grip texturing allows for a secure feel for controlled, repeated hits on target.

The XD-S Mod.2 frame positions a shooter’s hand closer to the bore axis, improving recoil control. A loaded chamber indicator allows the shooter to see and feel if their gun is loaded, even when holstered or in darkness, while the grip safety renders the firearm incapable of firing unless engaged.

The XD-S Mod.2 in .40 S&W ships with two stainless-steel magazines: a six-round mag with a built-in finger rest that provides a full firing grip and one seven-round extended mag. A flush floorplate is also included for added concealability, allowing owners to reduce the overall height of the gun while sacrificing the ability to obtain a full firing grip on the pistol.

MSRP on the .40 S&W XD-S MOD.2 is $524, and more information is available at


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