New for 2019: Springfield Armory SAINT Edge AR-15 Pistol

posted on November 15, 2018
Springfield Armory's line of AR-15 rifles and pistols features two distinct families: a base-level option that balances feature-richness with affordability and a premium option branded under the "Edge" lineup. The company expanded this premium offering with the addition of its all-new Saint Edge Pistol, bringing a compact, fine-tuned offering to consumers for 2019.

Including many of the same features found in the Springfield Armory Edge rifle, the pistol is chambered in 5.56 NATO and is constructed on billet-aluminum upper and lower receivers. Striking a balance between compactness and reliable operation, the pistol features a 10.3-inch barrel machined from chrome-moly vanadium steel with a 1:8-inch twist rate. Attached to the barrel is an adjustable gas block built on a carbine-length gas system, an unusual feature in AR-style pistols. This longer gas system, combined with the adjustable block, allows users to avoid some of the reliability issues that can plague pistol-length gas systems, as well as fine-tune their gun's cycling for different ammunition loads or with an attached suppressor. To enhance dependability, the block is pinned to the barrel.

Surrounding the barrel is a full-length handguard machined from aluminum and equipped with M-Lok accessory attachments, providing mounting points for lights, lasers, slings and other add-ons. One accessory included with the SAINT Edge pistol is a hand stop that prevents a shooters' support hand from traveling too far along the handguard and inadvertently slipping beyond the muzzle. At the muzzle end of the gun, consumers will find a standard, A2-style flash suppressor.

Moving toward the other end of the Springfield Armory SAINT Edge pistol, users will see a Maxim Defense CQB adjustable stabilizing brace. This feature provides added customization when compared to other options in the company's pistol lineup, thanks to its 4-position design. To reduce the overall length of the platform, the brace is combined with Maxim Defense's integral receiver extension, a shorter option than standard, carbine-length buffer tubes often seen on AR-style pistols. 

Other features found on the new SAINT Edge pistol include an M16 bolt-carrier group complete with a bolt machined from 9310 steel and magnetic particle-inspected to ensure quality, as well as a mid-size charging handle of the company's own design and flip-up sights. The pistol also ships with the company's single-stage SA Match trigger, offering a short-reset point for fast shooting. 

The overall length of the Springfield Armory SAINT Edge pistol measures 28.5 inches long with the brace fully extended and 24.6 inches with the brace collapsed. Weight on the pistol comes to 5 pounds, 11.5 ounces, unloaded. Each pistol ships with a single 30-round Magpul P-Mag, and the suggested retail price on the gun is $1,559.


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