New for 2019: Nighthawk Custom VIP Black 1911

posted on January 7, 2019
Nighthawk Custom expanded its VIP series of 1911s in 2019 with the launch of its VIP Black, a pistol designed as a marvel of modern pistol craftsmanship and including special touches that make this custom gun stand out from the pack.

"The VIP Black is one of our most exclusive models," said Mark Stone, owner and CEO of Nighthawk Custom, "this 1911 is built with a focus on true craftsmanship and will be an heirloom piece that will garner attention in any collection."

As part of the company's "One Gun—One Gunsmith" philosophy, Each Nighthawk Custom VIP Black 1911 is hand-fit and finished by one of Nighthawk's top-tier pistolsmiths. Built on a Government-size frame and equipped with a 5-inch, crowned barrel chambered in .45 ACP, the Black is treated with serration on the front strap and mainspring housing, as well as rear slide serrations that match the texture found on the Heinie rear sight. The gun also features a 14-karat gold-bead front sight and smooth grip panels carved from giraffe bone.

One of the stand-out elements in the Nighthawk Custom VIP Black 1911 is the intricate, tasteful engraving found on the frame, slide and select components of the gun. The detailed engravings are hand-done by Master Engraver Bertram Edmonston. After engraving, the entire pistol is treated with a black, diamond-like coating that provides a durable, long-lasting finish that can withstand range use and daily carry.

Each VIP Black 1911 is equipped with a single-side thumb safety and an eight-round magazine. The gun measures 8.66 inches long, 5.6 inches high, 1.4 inches wide and has a sight radius of 6.51 inches. Select optional features are available for order, including a fluted barrel hood, ambidextrous safety, tritium or fiber-optic sights and checkering at the rear of the slide. Every gun ships in a custom, walnut presentation case. The base price on the Nighthawk Custom VIP Black 1911 is $7,999.


shooter at the range
shooter at the range

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