New for 2019: IFC .410 Bore AR-15 Upper Receiver

posted on February 17, 2019
In 2019, International Firearm Corporation, which imports a number of different guns and accessories from Europe, launched an updated .410-bore upper receiver designed for use on any standard AR-15 lower receiver. IFC had a prior .410-bore design, and other import companies also offered AR-style shotguns with similar configurations, but the new-for-2019 ARU upper-receiver design brings a new level of ergonomics and a classic, old-school feel to this concept.

“The 2019 .410 Upper satisfies the needs of shooting enthusiasts with exclusive, custom-designed applications,” said Tony Mussatto, owner of International Firearm Corporation. “The upper is designed for those shooters craving an experience coupled with performance-designed upgrades, all at a very compelling price point.” 

Each upper receiver ships with a flattop Picatinny optics rail, allowing users to attach red-dot sight or rear iron sights compatible with the A2-style front sight gas block. Each upper ships with a removable A2-style carry handle that also functions as a rear sight. Paired with the upper receiver is an 18.5-inch barrel complete with a 2.5-inch chamber.

Surrounding the barrel is an A2-style handguard, complete with reflective heat shields that protect a shooter's support hand during extended strings of fire. The gas-operated system feeds from factory-supplied 10-round magazines, and larger-capacity options are available for purchase. The total weight of the upper receiver is 4 pounds, and the entire unit will fit easily onto any standard, mil-spec AR-15 lower. While the upper receiver is available as a standalone component, consumers can also order a complete firearm built with a mil-spec Anderson Mfg. lower outfitted with mil-spec components and a collapsible, six-position buttstock. 

Suggested retail pricing for the International Firearms Corporation 2019 IFC .410 upper receiver is $362. In 2019, IFC also introduced a bullpup-style, 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun. Read the full details on this other new model here.


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man with pump shotgun

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