New for 2019: CZ P10 F Suppressor-Ready

posted on August 24, 2019

For 2019, all CZ-USA P-10 semi-automatic pistols feature a swappable magazine release, which operates smoother than the ambidextrous release of the past. Just a few minutes' work reverses the release, so lefties can hit the release with their thumb from the right side of the pistol.

P10s feel right in the hand, much like the classic CZ-75, and their trigger feel is at the top of the class when it comes to striker-fired pistols.

Built to withstand the rigors of military use, the CZ P-10 is constructed around a fiber-reinforced polymer frame that is coated with a tough nitride finish. The expanded trigger guard allows it to be used with gloved hands and is also undercut to allow a high grip on the pistol. CZ pistols are known for great triggers, and the P-10 is no exception. The trigger on the P-10 is one of the best factory triggers on the market, with a solid wall, a clean break and a tactile, audible reset.

The CZ P-10 F takes all the features of the P-10 line and adds an extended 1/2x28 TPI threaded barrel, making it easy to attach a suppressor. The P-10 F also has an extended magazine baseplate, boosting magazine capacity up to 21 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. Perfect for use as a range-day plinker or duty pistol or as a home-defense gun, the P-10 has extended-height night sights provide improved visibility and allow a clear sight picture over the top of most available 9 mm suppressors.

CZ P-10 F Suppressor-Ready Specifications

Caliber: 9 mm
Capacity: 21 rounds
Frame material: polymer
Slide finish: nitride
Grip: polymer
Overall length: 8.6 inches
Barrel length: 5.11 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Weight: 30 ounces
Sights: high night sights
Safety elements: trigger safety, firing-pin block

MSRP on the CZ P-10 F Suppressor-Ready pistol is $577, and more information is available at


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