New for 2019: Colt King Cobra Target

posted on September 7, 2019

Colt revolvers are known for their accuracy and full-feature set-up, and with the release of the much-anticipated King Cobra Target revolver, Colt is continuing to add to its renewed line of “snake guns.”  The King Cobra Target features a 4.25-inch barrel, an adjustable rear sight, an elevated fiber-optic front sight and custom-made wood medallion grips.

Designed from the start to bring the power of the .357 Mag. cartridge to the competition range, the King Cobra Target Revolver is based on the company's initial King Cobra release, which features a next-generation trigger system that provides a crisp, single-action pull.

“After releasing the King Cobra earlier this year, we received a flood of requests for a 4-inch model with adjustable sights. Our customers are excited to bring their Colts to the range and the King Cobra Target is engineered for accurate and enjoyable shooting. The longer barrel and custom wood grips also just look fantastic,” said Justin Baldini, director of marketing at Colt. “We’ve precisely tweaked this revolver to get it exactly where we want it and know our customers will feel the difference.”

The six-round double-action King Cobra Target is the third model in the modern King Cobra series of revolvers. The King Cobra .357 Mag. was introduced by Colt in January 2019, followed by the King Cobra Carry in May of 2019. Forged from American-sourced stainless steel, Colt’s snake guns continue to be popular for competition, personal defense, target shooting and collectors alike.

The MSRP on the new Colt King Cobra Target revolver is $999, and more information is available at


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