New for 2018: Wilson Combat 92G Vertec/Brigadier Tactical

posted on August 29, 2018
While Wilson Combat is known primarily for its line of custom 1911 handguns, the company has dabbled in custom guns of other designs, particularly the AR-15 and even the famous Beretta 92G. The company's first foray into customizing this vaunted Beretta handgun came with the launch of the Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical, and Wilson followed up on the model with an even-shorter Model 92G Centurion Tactical in 2018. Now, the company's original Brigadier Tactical model can be had with a specialized Vertec frame conversion, which makes the pistol more-suitable for shooters with small hands, incorporating a 1911-style grip into the design.

"Being a serious Beretta collector, I have always considered the 92G SD the best model ever produced, but almost too expensive and rare to shoot," said Bill Wilson, founder of Wilson Combat. "I feel fortunate to have been able to work with the fine people at Beretta USA to produce a pistol that, in my opinion, is an improved 92G SD. Having Beretta USA build my dream 92 series pistol is awesome, and I’m very happy that a lot of people will be able to enjoy this fine pistol model."

A skilled team of gunsmiths at Wilson Combat cut the grip frame of the company's 92G Brigadier Tactical down to match the Vertec grip-frame size. Once the trimming is complete, the frame is checkered on the backstrap and front strap and the entire frame is finished in the company's Armor-Tuff coating. A final touch comes with the inclusion of the inset Black Cherry G-10 grips, which are recessed into the frame to avoid adding unnecessary girth to the gun.

Other features found on the Wilson Combat 92G Vertec/Brigadier Tactical include ambidextrous decocking levers, a railed dust cover, the company's enhanced Brigadier slide and a rounded trigger guard. Inside the gun, consumers will find a match-grade barrel machined from stainless steel and cut with a recessed target crown as well as a 13-pound hammer spring that offers a lighter, smoother trigger pull. Finally, the gun is finished up with a tritium-illuminated Trijicon front sight and a Wilson Combat rear sight.

As with all Wilson Combat custom guns, the 92G Vertec/Brigadier Tactical can be tuned to the consumer's personal specifications with a number of additional features. The starting price on the gun is $1,495, and the pistol can only be ordered directly from Wilson Combat or one of the company's Premier dealers.


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