New for 2018: Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm

posted on October 11, 2018
After the release of several 10mm variants in the company's 1911 handgun lineup, Springfield Armory doubled down on the powerhouse cartridge with the launch of its all-new XD(M) chambered in the round. Not only does this bring another option for the growing popularity of the 10mm cartridge, Springfield Armory also proved the solid construction of this new model with a filmed 10,000-round test for consumers to see.

"Our customers have been very vocal about their excitement at the prospect of an XD(M) chambered in 10mm,” Springfield Armory President Steve McKelvain said. "We are thrilled to now offer them exactly what many of them have been asking for: the power and velocity of the 10mm round delivered in the reliability of the XD(M) platform, proven through a 10,000-round torture test documented on video."

The torture test was performed without performing any reliability enhancing work on a production sample of the 10mm XD(M). All engineers did throughout the test was replace the recoil spring at the recommended intervals and dab Lucas Extreme Duty gun oil on critical components at 2,000-round intervals. Magazines were not cleaned and were left exposed to dust and dirt throughout the entire test. Through all 10,000 rounds, the gun did not experience a single malfunction.

To withstand extreme use, each Springfield Armory XD(M) chambered in 10mm is constructed with a cold hammer-forged barrel paired with a forged slide. Also found in the slide is a full-length guide rod that works to reduce felt recoil experienced by the shooter as well as minimizing the punishment experienced by critical components inside the gun.

Two models of the all-new 10mm XD(M) are available, one with a 4.5-inch slide and barrel and one with a lengthened 5.25-inch barrel to take full advantage of the added power contained in the 10mm cartridge. Each pistol feeds from double-stack magazines that offer a capacity of 15+1 rounds. Other features found on the new platform include the company's Mega-Lock grip texturing, interchangeable backstraps, fiber-optic sight and a short-reset trigger.

Suggested retail pricing on the 10mm XD(M) models starts at $652 for the 4.5-inch barreled model and ends at $779 for the 5.25-inch model.


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