New for 2018: EAA Corp. MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun

posted on September 2, 2018
Tactical shotguns have come a long way in the last few years, growing from extended-magazine models of wood-stocked, pump-action field shotguns to semi-auto, detachable-magazine-fed options complete with AR-15-style appearances and controls similar to many tactical rifles found on the market. EAA Corp. was one of many industry leaders that enhanced this market segment with the launch of its unique, AR-15-like MKA 1919 12-gauge shotgun. Now, the company is innovating yet again with the introduction of its first-ever bullpup shotgun: the MKA 1923.

Like the MKA 1919, the semi-automatic MKA 1923 is built in Turkey by Husan Arms and provides a compact, hard-hitting platform that can be easily maneuvered and handles better than many traditional shotguns. The gun is fed from a detachable five-round magazine, which locks into the rear of the stock with a latch located on the forward edge of the magazine well. Simply pull the latch to release the magazine.

The top of the gun features a continuous Picatinny-rail mount perfect for mounting a red-dot sight. The gun ships with removable iron sights, which are fully adjustable, allowing users to tune their point of aim for slug use. Safety-wise, the MKA 1923 is constructed with a trigger-blocking safety that renders the firing mechanism immobile while engaged. The stock is constructed from durable nylon, and the butt-end of the gun is topped with a rubber recoil pad to absorb the gun's punishing, 12-gauge kick. 

Overall length on the EAA Corp. MKA 1923 measures in at 29.5 inches, and the gun is equipped with a 20-inch barrel. With the compact design and versatility of the bullpup-style shotgun, consumers can outfit the gun for a variety of roles, whether it's for home defense, competition or just range plinking. The suggested retail price on the gun is $769.


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