New for 2018: Atlas Gunworks Titan Operator Pistol

posted on January 22, 2018
Developed from a request from a law-enforcement team needing a purpose-built duty pistol, the new Atlas Gunworks Titan Operator is ready for any number of situations, thanks to its heavy-duty double-stack design that provides plenty of firepower for duty use, home defense, range shooting and more.

Based in Vermont, Atlas Gunworks prides itself on building custom guns to order, typically for competition use, and the company produces high-end 2011 and 1911 handguns that win USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun and other competitive shoots. However, after being approached by a law-enforcement tactical team located on the West Coast, the company set its sights on producing the best possible duty pistol for civilians and professionals alike.

The end result of their project was the new Atlas Gun Works Titan Operator, based on the double-stack 2011 frame pioneered by STI International. The 2011 frame incorporates many of the time-tested features of the vaunted 1911 platform but brings John Browning's famous design into the 21st century with a widening of the frame to allow for double-stack magazines. This increases the capacity, in the Titan Operator's case, to an impressive 19+1 rounds of 9 mm.

In the process of developing the new Titan Operator, Atlas starts with a custom-made 2011 Titan and enhances the already-impressive pistol design with a number of features designed for tactical shooters. The gun is finished with a durable DLC coating and incorporates a tri-topped slide that's lightened in key areas to reduce the overall weight of the handgun. 

In addition to the lightened design, the company also adds Phoenix Trinity aluminum grips, a 5-inch KKM bull barrel and tactical-ledge rear sights that provide added versatility when it comes to one-handed racking of the gun off flat surfaces. The Titan Operator also incorporates a frame rail that allows for the addition of light and laser accessories. Finally, the Atlas ensures reliability and consistency with heavy-duty recoil springs designed to run with a wide range of ammo options on the market. The Titan Operator also features a heavier trigger than competition guns, measuring between 3-3.5 pounds.

Atlas Gunworks is also unique in the custom-gun world in that it promises to have most orders shipped out in less than 3 months, ensuring that consumers won't have to wait long for their tailor-made pistol.


handgun with bullets and magazine
handgun with bullets and magazine

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