Mossberg Expands Thunder Ranch Tactical Series

posted on January 18, 2013
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Two of the keys to successful personal defensive training are selecting a properly-equipped firearm you can depend on and a trainer who has the real-world experience to prepare you to confidently use that defensive tool. Mossberg continues its partnership with Marine Corps veteran and former SWAT team member, Clint Smith, who serves as President and Director of Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, OR, by adding three new Thunder Ranch firearms designed for personal defense or competitive shooting. Introducing the Thunder Ranch Series for 2013, the 500 Thunder Ranch 20th Anniversary Pump-Action 12-gauge shotgun, the Maverick HS12 Thunder Ranch Over-and-Under 12-gauge shotgun and the 5.56 NATO-chambered MVP Thunder Ranch Bolt-Action rifle. All are proudly branded with the Thunder Ranch logo or the Thunder Ranch 20th Anniversary logo.

500 Thunder Ranch 20th Anniversary Pump-Action Shotgun - This compact 12-gauge (2 ¾ and 3-inch shell capability) featuring an 18 ½-inch barrel, shortened synthetic stock with a 13-inch length of pull and 6-round total capacity was initially introduced in 2012, as the 500 Thunder Ranch. To recognize the 20th Anniversary of the Smiths' world-renowned training facility, the 2013 version of the 500 Thunder Ranch is emblazoned with the distinctive "Thunder Ranch 20th Anniversary" logo. Key features include a fixed cylinder bore for optimal pattern densities; a machined stand-off/breaching barrel design; simple white-dot sighting system; tri-rail forend Picatinny rail system (integrated bottom rail and removable side rails) for quick addition of tactical accessories or lights; and decreased overall length of 37 inches for added maneuverability. All exposed metalwork has a non-reflective matte blue finish and the durable stock and forend feature a matte black finish and sling swivel studs. Completing this tactical shotgun package is a handy, black padded sling. MSRP: $493

Maverick HS12 Thunder Ranch over-under Shotgun - Known for delivering exceptional value in a no-nonsense package, the Maverick HS12 is a 3-inch chambered, 12-gauge break-action shotgun featuring robust dual-locking lugs for a strong, secure lock-up and maximum reliability. Operation is simple with the tang-mounted safety and integrated barrel selector. Key features of the Thunder Ranch HS12 include fixed cylinder bore in both barrels; shortened 18 ½-inch barrel length; receiver-mounted Picatinny rail and barrel-mounted Picatinny side rails for the attachment of optics, lights or accessories; and for quick target acquisition, the top rail is slotted to work in conjunction with the front fiber optic sight. The black matte-finished synthetic stock and forend are contoured for a more solid grip and better handling and all exposed metalwork wears a matte blue finish. The "Thunder Ranch" logo is engraved on the right side of the receiver. MSRP: $549

MVP Thunder Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle - MVP Series rifles are based on the classic Mossberg 4x4 bolt-action platform but feature the patent-pending Drop-Push bolt design allowing the rifle to accept and reliably feed from standard AR-style magazines. Other standard features include our user-adjustable, patented LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) Trigger System easily adjusted from 2 to 7 pounds; distinctive spiral-fluted bolt; factory-installed, receiver-mounted Picatinny rail; dual front and rear sling swivel studs; and 10-round capacity magazine. The MVP Thunder Ranch is chambered in 5.56 NATO optimized with a 1:9-inch twist rate in the 18 ½-inch medium bull, fluted barrel. The barrel is threaded and comes with a thread cap. Housed in a durable wood stock, the MVP Thunder Ranch features a distinctive OD Green finish and complementing matte blue metalwork. Completing the package is the "Thunder Ranch" logo engraved above the magazine well on the right side of the stock. MSRP: $934

Regardless of the mission, selecting a properly-equipped firearm and securing individualized training are primary keys to your success. Now Mossberg, in conjunction with Clint Smith, is providing you with three well-designed firearms for personal defensive training or for use in competitive shooting - the Mossberg Thunder Ranch Series. Visit the company's website today to see complete specifications on these and other tactical Mossberg firearms.


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