McMillan Introduces ALIAS Rifle Line

posted on January 15, 2013

McMillan Group International is launching its new McMillan ALIAS rifle line. Built on the McMillan ALIAS action, the line features interchangeable components that allow one rifle to be customized for many applications. A shooter can mix and match components to create a customized configuration. This includes switch barrel capability for the utmost flexibility.

According to Ryan McMillan, vice president of McMillan Group International, "ALIAS is designed as the most interchangeable bolt action rifle ever built. Every part of ALIAS can be switched to fit your exact mission. The buttstock, which connects directly to the back of the action, defines the start of a complete interchangeable system. In fact, we refer to ALIAS as a "stockless rifle" because it is designed without a traditional stock or chassis and has no recoil lug. The result is a complete inline rifle system providing three significant advantages for the shooter: reduced recoil, increased accuracy, and complete interchangeability. Without a recoil lug or stock, everything is an accessory to the action."

The ALIAS line includes three package configurations - the ultra-compact ALIAS CS5 subsonic suppressed rifle for discrete carry and concealment, the ALIAS STAR Standard Application Rifle, and the ALIAS Target configured for high power competition. You can also design your own custom configuration tailored to your specific mission.

The heart of the ALIAS concept is the McMillan ALIAS action. Developed by Rock McMillan with input from world champion high-power shooters, the design started as a clean sheet of paper and evolved into a cutting edge rifle that could meet the demands of literally the best competitive shooters in the world.

From an engineering standpoint, ALIAS solves many of the problems inherent in conventional bolt action rifles and brings firearms' design to a new level. There is no bedding because there is no stock to bed. There is no chassis to flex or shift, so the rifle is stiffer and the barrel harmonics are better managed. There is no point of impact movement due to weather changes. The result is greater accuracy and consistent performance.

The ALIAS receiver is machined from 17-4 stainless steel to true benchrest quality standards. The design features a solid top with a trim loading port. This increases action stability, stiffness and strength. The loading port is easily accessible and angled to aid the shooter in single loading rounds.

Low effort bolt operation was a key goal in the design of the ALIAS action. The exclusive bi-camming design employs two cams that engage during bolt lift to radically reduce lift effort. Bolt lift is only 75 degrees, allowing speed of operation and clearance from large tactical scopes. In conjunction with the receiver's helical cut cocking cams, ALIAS offers one of the smoothest operating actions ever built.

ALIAS uses a cone bolt face as opposed to a flat boltface. This is typically found only on match rifles and provides smoother feeding, especially for cartridges with sharp shoulder angles. The bolt handle is designed for superior performance in rapid fire operation. Its ergonomic shape allows operation with a single finger, if desired.

The hardened bolt is machined from 9310 carbon steel and rides back into the stock extension, under the shooter's face so the bolt can be operated without the shooter having to change his head position. This low center of gravity also improves the rifle's feel and performance under recoil. Also, having the bolt body run through the butt extension minimizes debris pickup and makes for a streamlined profile.

The action uses detachable box ten round and twenty round magazines.

According to McMillan, "ALIAS is the cutting edge in engineering for bolt action rifles. It is a new design direction for the bolt action rifle of the future."

Barrels can be swapped out by the shooter in less than five minutes with the use of an ALIAS barrel change kit, including action wrench, barrel vise and simple instructions. Each ALIAS barrel is fit to an owner's action at the factory by McMillan and the action's serial number for reference.

Barrels are stainless, premium match grade and can be finished with or without flutes. Barrels include a match grade flat recessed target crown. The barrel is a true free-floating design and does not touch the handguard. This is the preferred method for maximizing accuracy from a premium match barrel. Barrel finishes include black or matte stainless.

The rifle can be chambered in many standard short action calibers, including .308 Win, .308 Palma, .260 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 x 47 Lapua and 6XC.

ALIAS employs an Anschütz two-stage match trigger with safety, which can be adjusted for pull weight, length of pull and trigger shoe angle. The Anschütz was selected because it is one of the best match triggers ever made. Not only is it reliable and durable, but it provides the finest touch of any trigger available.

The quick-detach buttstock is fully adjustable for length, height, cant (angle), and offset. The cheekpiece is adjustable for height. An easily accessible knurled wheel allows the shooter to adjust the cheekpiece from the shooting position. Shooter comfort is further augmented by an ergonomic pistol grip. All adjustment features are placed for easy shooter access. The stock extension, clamping block, butt extension, and buttplate all have index marks to allow the shooter to record and repeat adjustment settings.

20130115-140254.jpgThe buttstock detaches with one button and stores along the side of the rifle when not deployed. The rifle can be fired with the buttstock along the side of the rifle. The buttstock is engineered to precision tolerances from solid aluminum and is perfectly rigid when in place. The butt has a clamping block for the non-trigger hand to grasp when shooting from a bag. The clamping block is optional for competition.

Unlike a conventionally stocked rifle, ALIAS uses a proprietary AR-style handguard. Three handguard options are available, including standard tubular, competition, and square vented quad rail. The handguard is indexed and adjustable to allow the rifle to be held with a 00, 50 and 100 cant if desired. The tubular forend can be rotated to coincide with the cant position of the sight rail to maintain the shooter's comfort. The forend slots accept the custom designed adjustable handstop or optional bipod.

McMillan offers two choices - a tactical grip and a competition grip.

The action features a full-length picatinny sight rail for mounting the scope or sights. A 20 MOA scope base rail is an option for very long range shooting. The action's adjustable sight mounting system allows the sight rail to be mounted at one of three pre-set mounting angles - 00, 50 and 100 - to allow the shooter to cant the rifle while shooting while maintaining a straight-up level sight. Additional picatinny rails in short or long lengths can be affixed to the handguard for night vision optics and other accessories.

ALIAS has a suite of customization accessories so an owner can personalize his firearm, including bubble level, ADI Angle Degree Indicator, weight systems, gun cases, and various bolt handle knobs.

ALIAS disassembles easily and can be transported in multiple pieces.

The buttstock assembly, forend, buttstock clamping block, and magazine housing trigger guard assembly are made from 60-series aluminum and are hard anodized in matte black. The stainless action is matte black. Barrels can be ordered in black or stainless matte finish. Bolts are treated with NP3 for corrosion resistance, lubricity and hardness.



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