I Carry: Staccato 2011 P Pistol in an LAS Concealment Holster

Today on I Carry we have a Staccato 2011 P pistol in an LAS Concealment holster with a Buck knife.

posted on April 21, 2023

Pistol: Staccato 2011 P (MSRP: $2,199)

Since double-stack, 1911-style pistols seem to be the new hotness these days, it makes sense to look at one of the originators of the genre. Staccato, both now and in the company’s previous life as STI, has been at this game for decades, offering the 2011 that’s in the company’s name for more than 25 years. Starting out primarily as a competition pistol, the 2011 transitioned into use with a number of law-enforcement agencies, and from there it was only a matter of time before the company’s pistols were recognized as outstanding choices for concealed carry.

The Staccato P pistol we have in today’s kit is an exemplary version of this; it is currently in use by more than 900 law-enforcement agencies in the United States, including elite groups like the Texas Rangers and the US Marshals Special Operations Group. That’s about as real a pedigree as a handgun can have—these agencies often see the most hardened criminals out there, and if they’re willing to place their trust in the Staccato  P, well, as our Sheriff Jim would say, that’s what those in police work call a clue.

Let’s take a look at some of the Staccato P’s stats: Overall length is 8.1 inches, height is 5.8 inches and weight is 33 ounces for the steel frame and 28 for the aluminum. That’s not substantially different from a Smith & Wesson M&P9. Yes, it’s harder to conceal than a SIG Sauer P365, no question. However, it’s a lot easier to shoot; whether it’s easier to conceal a larger gun or to shoot a small gun well comes down to each individual shooter. Shooting a metal-frame, full-size handgun in 9 mm is, as our Handgun editor says, like shooting on “easy” mode. The Staccato P shoots unbelievable flat, allowing for fast follow-up shots and minimal felt recoil.

Another advantage to the Staccato P is the many configurations available. Sighting options, barrel options, even the frame construction has options. Add in the ability to add engravings or change the serrations and each user can make the P unique to them; basically resulting in a custom pistol for not much more than an off-the-shelf version. In the end, you wind up with the exact setup you want in a pistol that’s got a proven track record of performance and reliability. That’s quite a choice.


Holster:  LAS Concealment Tizona OWB (MSRP: $79.98)

While there are plenty of inside-the-waistband offerings for the Staccato P and other similarly sized handguns, reality is that outside-the-waistband is generally more comfortable. In the cooler months, cover garments are easy to arrange to cover OWB setups, so we’ve opted for the LAS Concealment Tizona OWB holster for the Staccato P pistol in today’s kit.

CNC-machined, the single-sheet kydex construction is precise and rugged. Retention is adjustable with a single screw, while a generous sight channel allows for suppressor-height sights with room to spare. An open-muzzle design allows for threaded barrels and compensators if the pistol is so equipped. Even more convenient, certain models are available directly from Staccato, so you’re assured of proper fit.


Knife: Buck Deploy auto Knife (MSRP: $189.99)

To round out today’s kit, we’ve opted for the Buck Knives Deploy automatic knife. The stylish, eminently useful knife from Buck dovetails well with the Staccato P: it’s a current, conventional offering from an established company known for making quality gear. What more could you want? Obviously, check all state and local laws regarding automatic knives, but if you’re in a locale that doesn’t forbid them, it’s an excellent choice.

With a 3 ¼-inch, 154 CM steel drop point blade and Cerakoted aluminum scales, the Deploy is tough and ready for use. Pushing the nicely recessed button opens the knife, and another push unlocks it. There’s a sliding lock to make sure it’s not activated inadvertently, and a top-attached pocket clip allows deep carry in either the left- or right-hand pocket. It’s easy to use with one hand and maintains Buck’s “Forever” warranty. There’s a lot to like about the Deploy.


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