I Carry: Mossberg MC2sc Pistol in a DeSantis Holster

In today's "I Carry" we have a Mossberg MC2sc pistol in a DeSantis holster.

posted on March 25, 2022

Firearm: Mossberg MC2sc (MSRP: $556)

New from Mossberg in 2022, the MC2sc is the latest pistol in Mossberg’s MC family. Designed as a micro-9 mm double stack offshoot of the MC2c released in 2020, the MC2sc is only the tiniest bit wider than the single-stack MC1sc – literally, .07 inch separates the two in width. Mossberg accomplished this mainly by changing the magazine from the polymer of the MC1sc to a metal version that uses a double-stack design. Capacity is increased by five rounds, with the MC2sc flush-fit magazine holding 11 rounds to the MC1sc’s six.

But, extra capacity isn’t the only thing Mossberg added to the MC2sc. There’s now an optics cut for the standard RMS footprint, covering a variety of red-dot sights from Shield, JPoint, Holosun, Crimson Trace and numerous others. Take off the cover plate, add the optic and you’re good to go. The optics cut is even deep enough that the sights should co-witness in the bottom third of the optic window. It’s solid engineering, and certainly helps Mossberg be competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Some specs on the MC2sc: Overall length is 6.25 inches, with a 3.4-inch barrel. Height is 4.3 inches with the flush magazine, and width is 1.1 inches. Weight is 19.5 ounces unloaded. To put things in perspective, the MC1sc was .07 inch thinner and weight .5 ounce less. That’s pretty much identical. Capacity is 11+1 rounds with the flush-fit magazine and 14+1 rounds with the extended magazine, which also gets a full three-finger grip on the pistol.

Overall, the MC2sc looks to be an extremely solid hit for Mossberg. It gives the company a solid competitor in the red-hot micro-9 mm double-stack pistol market while simultaneously adding an optics-ready slide. When the MC1sc heralded Mossberg’s return to the handgun market in 2019, red dots on pistols were really starting to gain acceptance, as were micro-9 mm double stack handguns. Mossberg is definitely reading the market well and responding to what its consumers want, and that’s a good thing indeed.

Holster: DeSantis Pegasus Slim-Tuk IWB/OWB (MSRP: $49.99)

Whenever a new concealed-carry firearm is launched, one of the big concerns centers on gear. The greatest pistol in the world doesn’t help much if there aren’t any holsters for it. Mossberg has cleverly solved this problem by partnering with DeSantis Gunhide to bring the Pegasus Slim-Tuk IWB/OWB model directly to the Mossberg store. When selecting a pistol, simply navigate to the Gear section of the Mossberg online store to find fits.

We’ve covered the versatility of the Slim-Tuk before on “I Carry,” noting the tuckability of the design as well as the countless cant possibilities brought about by the 360-degree C-clip. Those that prefer outside-the-waistband carry can remove the clip and attach the leather belt-loop section. Inside- or outside-the-waistband, the MC2sc is easy to carry, especially in the Slim-Tuk.

Accessory: Crimson Trace RAD Micro Red Dot (MSRP: $224.99)

Since the MC2sc has an optics cut, it seemed reasonable to equip this pistol with a dot. Crimson Trace recently launched its RAD line of dot sights, and no, that’s not RAD as in 1990s lingo, but Rapid Aiming Device. Offering a 3-MOA dot, the RAD Micro uses a standard RMS footprint and a CR1632 battery, with a claimed two-year battery life. There’s even a slight indent in the body to allow co-witnessing of iron sights, a nice touch for those who prefer backup capability.

The RAD line is minimalist—it contains an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness across a range of eight brightness settings. Constructed of 7075 aluminum, the RAD sight is water- and impact-resistant and has a recessed lens to protect the glass. Battery access is provided underneath the device, so it will have to be removed to change the battery. A green-dot version is available at a slightly higher cost.


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