I Carry: Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP Pistol in a We The People Holster.

In today's "I Carry" we have a Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP pistol in a We The People holster.

posted on April 15, 2022

Firearm: Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP (MSRP: $620)

With the introduction of the slightly larger Hellcat Pro not all that long ago, it’s worth taking another look at the standard Hellcat. Springfield Armory’s entry in the micro-9 mm double-stack pistol category offers 12-round capacity with a flush-fit magazine, a 3-inch barrel, aggressive grip texturing and a tritium-dot front sight. Add in the OSP—Optical Sight Pistol—version we have here, and a number of micro dot sights can be added quickly and easily.

We’ve commented previously how the addition of a dot sight to a small pistol like the Hellcat makes it easier to shoot, as the dot negates the short-sight-radius problem facing small, concealable pistols. On the grip, using the 13-round, slightly extended magazine allows the shooter to get a full, three-finger grip on the pistol. The Hellcat was the first to offer the optics cut in a micro-9 mm pistol, and it’s hard to find one now that doesn’t come ready for a dot sight.

At this point in time, with most major manufacturers offering their take on the optics-ready micro-9 mm double-stack pistol, a deciding factor in one’s choice is going to come down to the aftermarket. We’re seeing a greater number of holster fits for the Hellcat on a regular basis, and companies like Apex Tactical and True Precision are offering trigger and barrel upgrades, respectively. Heck, no less than Langdon Tactical—which provides amazing upgrades for numerous Beretta firearms—has produced its own upscale Hellcat.

The size and weight of the Hellcat made it a natural choice for the concealed-carry practitioner. Add in a growing aftermarket, the optics-ready slide and its near-full-size capacity, and the Springfield Armory Hellcat checks many of the boxes for those who go about legally armed. With the addition of the Hellcat Pro as a larger, closer-to-duty-size option for those looking for a compact version, it’s clear that Springfield Armory has plans for the Hellcat beyond its current niche.

Holster: We The People Holsters Freedom Holster Platform, Platinum Edition (MSRP: $129)

The Hellcat’s size makes it supremely well suited for all sorts of carry positions. Why not have a holster system that can accommodate all of them? We The People Holsters offers its Freedom Holster Platform, which combines an optics-cut holster, magazine carrier and the hardware needed to arrange both items in nearly endless configurations.

Outside the waistband? No problem. Inside the waistband, but tuckable? No problem. Whether you prefer the magazine carrier attached to the holster as in a sidecar arrangement or separate, they’re both possible. For inside the waistband carry, standard plastic belt clips and tuckable belt clips are included, while belt loops and a paddle complete the outside-the-waistband attachment methods in the Freedom Holster Platform. Carbon-fiber, black and the gray we have today are available for a wide variety of firearms.

Optic: Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro Green (MSRP: $299.99)

We ran a standard Crimson Trace RAD Micro red-dot sight a while back, and wanted to feature its improved brother, the RAD Micro Pro as part of this kit. We can’t, however, refer to it as a red-dot sight—because it has a green dot. Crimson Trace has continued its dual offering of red and green aiming devices over into the powered optics arena with the inclusion of green-dot sights alongside the traditional red-dot versions.

The most significant upgrade in the RAD Micro Pro series from the standard RAD Micro is the CT Motion Sensor. This automatically turns the sight on when any motion is detected, and also turns the sight off if the unit is motionless for more than 2 minutes. Battery life, however, does not appear to be affected by the motion sensor, with similar 1-year/7,000-hour life for both the RAD Micro and RAD Micro Pro green-dot units. The RAD Micro Pro maintains the same water resistance, sight channel and RMS footprint of the RAD Micro; the green dot is slightly larger at 5-MOA over the 3-MOA red dot.


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