I Carry: Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame, Rival Arms Slide in a CrossBreed Holster

posted on March 27, 2020

Firearm Frame: Lone Wolf Timberwolf TWC-C Frame (MSRP: $224.95)

We’ve run a number of Glock G19 variants in our “I Carry” segments, including some with a number of aftermarket parts. The wide-reaching success of that particular pistol has naturally inspired a robust and growing aftermarket, one that is reaching 1911-like proportions–you can build a complete pistol from scratch without using a single component from the original manufacturer. In this case, we’re starting with the actual, serialized firearm, the frame, which is the Lone Wolf Timberwolf TWC-C frame.

Released at SHOT Show 2020, the TWC-C includes a novel system to accommodate both Gen3 and Gen4 Glock slides. The fourth generation of the Glock line of pistols included a nested recoil spring that required more real estate under the barrel, which makes interchanging Gen3 and Gen4 components difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible.

A host of intermediate fixes, such as adapters to use Gen3 recoil springs in Gen4 slides, didn’t really address the disparities between the two generations. Lone Wolf introduced an elegantly uncomplicated solution: a simple spacer, removable with a small slotted screwdriver, easily converts the frame between Gen3 and Gen4 slides. Pop the spacer out for Gen4, leave it in place for Gen3.

The frame itself, in addition to the Gen3/Gen4 compatibility, has additional upgrades and features worth investigating. Controls are oversize and easy to manipulate, texturing is robust without being aggressive and the grip angle is slightly different than the standard Glock (although it still takes Glock and Glock-compatible magazines).

There’s a magazine well flare that removes with a single, plastic pin, an undercut trigger guard and the standard accessory rail for lights and/or lasers. Unlike the Gen4 frame, though, there are only two backstrap configurations available, rather than four. 

Firearm Slide: Rival Arms Precision Upgrade Slide (MSRP: $470.99)

Completing today’s pistol is a Rival Arms Glock 19 RMR Cut Precision Upgrade slide. If you’ve been thinking about adding a mini-red-dot to your everyday carry rig, you know there’s three main ways to do this: Buy a carry-ready pistol like the Glock MOS or Smith & Wesson CORE series, have your existing slide milled out for a specific optic or buy a pre-cut slide for a specific optic.

In addition to offering a specific cut for an optic, the Precision Upgrade slide also offers numerous benefits for the concealed-carrier. Corners are rounded to facilitate faster draw times, the face is also beveled to assist in re-holstering, forward cocking serrations aid in press checks and slide manipulations and lightening cuts add both an aesthetic and weight-reducing component. Standard Glock sights will fit in the rear dovetail and front cut, and the optics cut is protected with a metal cover.

The Precision slide comes stripped, so a barrel, recoil spring and parts kit will be needed in addition to sights. For this build, Rival Arms’ threaded, spiral-fluted barrel and MOS-height sights were used, and Lone Wolf slide parts kit and recoil spring finish up the components. There’s not a single Glock-made part in this Glock-like pistol. 

Holster: Crossbreed Hybrid ST2 holster (MSRP: $84.95)

To carry this custom rig, we’ve opted for Crossbreed’s new Hybrid ST2 holster showcased in our SHOT Show 2020 Holster-roundup episode of “I Carry.” New for 2020, the ST2 offers a mix of the features from Crossbreed’s SuperTuck and MiniTuck lines, with a molded Kydex outer shell mated to a leather backing.

The ST2 is tuckable and comes standard with Crossbreed’s metal clips, with multiple retention points allowing the user to fine-tune the ST2 to their specific firearm. This is important when dealing with aftermarket components like slides that might differ from factory dimensions. The Hybrid ST2 is available with several leather optics, numerous Kydex colors and offers the same firearm fits as the company’s popular Reckoning line of holsters.

Magazine Carrier: Crossbreed Accomplice ambidextrous magazine carrier (MSRP: $31.95)

While we certainly didn’t choose the Crossbreed Accomplice magazine carrier because it matched the Kydex color of the holster, it doesn’t hurt! Completely ambidextrous for either inside- or outside-the-waistband carry, the Accomplice is also tuckable and allows for adjustment in retention. It’s a fine complement to the Hybrid ST2.


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Beretta APX A1 Carry

Beretta APX A1 Carry

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High-Tech Handloading

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