I Carry: Heckler & Koch VP9 SK-B Pistol in a Galco Holster

Today on "I Carry" we have a Heckler & Koch VP9 SK-B pistol in a Galco holster.

posted on October 29, 2021

Firearm: Heckler & Koch VP9 SK-B (MSRP: $749)

To tell the story of the Heckler & Koch VP9 SK-B, I should explain. No, there is no time. Let me sum up. It stated with the launch of the VP9 itself in 2014 and represented HK's second foray into striker fired, polymer pistols. Then, in 2017, the shortened model SK was introduced for a more concealed-carry friendly pistol. Next, in 2018, HK actually listened to customers who weren't enamored of the paddle-style magazine release lever on the trigger guard, and introduced the VP9-B, which uses the standard pushbutton mechanism. Lastly, the compact SK got the -B treatment, and here we are.

As a pistol for concealed carry, the VP9 SK-B is quite well suited. With a 3.4-inch barrel, overall length of 6.6 inches, 23 ounce weight and 4.6-inch height, it's right in the sweet spot for a subcompact model. It's small enough to conceal easily, while still allowing a full firing grip for more control on the range. Magazine capacity with flush-fit floorplate is 10 rounds, while a slightly extended version carries 13 rounds. Standard 17-round VP9 magazines will of course work in the SK as well, but obviously will stick out more.

In keeping with the VP9 heritage, three backstraps and three sets of grip inserts are available to best fit the VP9 SK-B to the shooter's hand. This results in an astonishing 27 possible configurations. It's pretty certain you'll find one that works well for you. The smaller VP9 also keeps the charging ears on the back of the slide, allowing more purchase for administrative loading tasks. The trigger is the same excellent version as the full size, and there's even an abbreviated accessory rail ahead of the trigger guard should lights or lasers be desired.

At $749, the VP9 SK-B is slightly pricier than other subcompact models, but it also brings more to the table. If you're looking for a customizable pistol that's just the right size and has an excellent trigger right out of the box, it's definitely a consideration. Once again, it's another option for those seeking the perfect concealed-carry handgun, and we like to stress, having more options is a good thing.

Holster: Galco Combat Master (MSRP: $103)

While it might seem somewhat odd to have a subcompact pistol paired with a leather, outside-the-waistband holster, a closer look shows this to be a better fit than you might think. The shorter barrel of the SK means less protrusion below the belt line, while the subcompact grip significantly lessens printing. Not everyone is a fan of kydex holsters carried in the appendix position, so I've chosen Galco's excellent Combat Master holster for this kit.

Offering a butt-forward cant that helps reduce printing, the Combat Master spreads the weight of the holstered firearm across a greater section of the belt, thanks to its traditional pancake design. With cooler weather on the horizon, greater cover garment options mean the Combat Master will be easy to conceal. Available for a multitude of firearms, and in either tan or black, it's constructed with premium steerhide and double-stitched seams for longevity.

Flashlight: Fenix PD32 V2.0 (MSRP: $59.95)

The last piece in today's kit is hands down the one you'll use the most. Fenix's PD32 V2.0 flashlight offers 1,200 lumens on its high setting, resulting in a 2 hour, 40 minute run time. Should less light be needed, there's a medium setting with 350 lumens (5 hours, 20 minutes) or a low setting of 30 lumens that runs for 82 hours. The PD32 V2.0 is also impact- and water-resistant, and comes with a belt holster, lanyard,  extra tailcap switch and O-rings.

One note on the PD32 V2.0, though, revolves around something it doesn't come with: a battery. The PD32 V2.0 uses a standard, rechargeable 18650 battery that recharges using a USB charging cable, but you'll have to source it separately. Now, if you're a flashlight geek like me, you probably have an extra 18650 or two kicking around, but if you were expecting the light to come with a battery, consider yourself informed otherwise.


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