I Carry: Taurus 327 Revolver in a Galco Holster

Today on "I Carry" we have a Taurus 327 revolver in a Galco holster.

posted on April 8, 2022

Firearm: Taurus 327 (MSRP: $388.32)

I have to admit, I was taken by surprise by Taurus offering the 327. As you’d expect from the name, it’s chambered in .327 Federal Magnum, which if you read the Shooting Illustrated Ammo column with any regularity, you’ll know is a favorite of our Ammo editor Richard Mann. He’s tested a lot of ammunition and knows a lot about ballistics and such—when a round impresses him, it’s worth paying attention. Apparently, Taurus was paying attention, and came out with the 327 revolver.

Based on the model 856, the Taurus 327 carries six rounds, has a 2-inch barrel with a pinned, ramp-style front sight and a fixed rear-sight notch. Overall length is 6.55 inches, height is 4.8 inches and weight is 22 ounces, unloaded. The 327 features a traditional double-action/single-action firing system and is available with a blued finish as well as in  stainless steel, as we have here today. Stocks are rubber and help mitigate recoil and anchor the pistol in the hand. There’s even a version available with a 3-inch barrel.

We’ve covered some of the reasons why a person might opt for a lower-capacity revolver over one of the many new micro-9 mm double-stack pistols. Prominent in those reasons are limited hand strength, particularly that required to work a semi-automatic slide, as well as recoil aversion. Here’s where the Taurus 327 and .327 Federal Magnum chambering work really well. Firearms chambered in .327 Federal Magnum can safely load and fire not only .327 Federal Magnum, but also .32 H&R Magnum as well as the significantly less-powerful .32 S&W. For those who are recoil averse, they can practice with .32 S&W, but carry .327 Federal Magnum.

Taurus’s 327 offers multi-caliber capability, ease of operation and the simplicity implicit in a revolver. It gives another platform for the versatile .327 Federal Magnum cartridge, allowing yet another option for fans of this chambering. And, like we’ve said repeatedly when it comes to concealed-carry firearms and gear, more options is a good thing.

Holster: Galco Combat Master Holster (MSRP: $109)

One of the advantages to the small, concealed-carry revolver is ease with which it can be covered. Even using an outside-the-waistband holster, like the Galco Combat Master we have today, the Taurus 327 conceals quite easily, with the short, 2-inch barrel needing only a slightly oversize shirt or vest to complete concealment. Firearms with longer overall lengths require significantly longer cover garments, or to be carried inside the waistband.

With premium steerhide and double-stitched seams, the Combat Master offers a hand-molded fit for the specific firearm. A slightly forward cant presents the butt of the firearm to facilitate a faster draw, assisted by the open-mouth design. Traditional pancake-style design spreads the weight of the firearm over a larger section of belt, and the Combat Master is available for left- or right-hand shooters in black or tan finish.

Accessory: True Knives Flipper Knife (MSRP: $29.99)

Sometimes you run into something unexpected, like the True Ball-Bearing Flipper knife. Had you handed me the knife and not told me the MSRP, I’d have guessed it retailed for easily twice the price. Had you told me the price before telling me anything about the knife, I’d have been ready for something basic, with little expectation of something that would really impress.

However, opening the cardboard box and taking the Flipper out revealed a well-made, easy-to-operate knife with G10 scales, a 3-inch, 8Cr13MoV steel drop-point blade and a handy pocket clip. It opens quickly and easily, the liner lock can be manipulated without fuss and the blade should hold up to just about any task you’d expect of a pocketknife. All for less than $30!


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