I Carry: Mossberg MC2sc Pistol in a Galco Holster

Today on I Carry we have a Mossberg MC2sc pistol in a Galco holster.

posted on May 6, 2022

Firearm: Mossberg MC2sc (MSRP: $662)

We wanted to take another look at Mossberg’s MC2sc micro-9 mm double-stack pistol for several reasons. First and foremost, it continues all the things we liked about the single-stack MC1sc and the larger MC2c pistol: Excellent trigger, great ergonomics and a simple fieldstripping setup that doesn’t involve pulling the trigger. Without wading into the argument of whether needing to pull the trigger to take a pistol down for cleaning is a positive or negative, suffice to say some people aren’t comfortable with that step in the process. With the Mossberg, it’s not an issue.

When it comes to size, the MC2sc is right in line with the rest of the micro-9 mm double stack pistols. With an overall length of 6.25 inches, 4.3-inch height and 19.5-ounce weight, the MC2sc is pretty close in size to the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus, Springfield Armory Hellcat and other pistols in this category. The model we have today is new for 2022 and includes TruGlo tritium pro night sights. It also has the standard optics-cut for the Shield footprint, should you wish to mount a micro-red-dot sight.

Capacity of the MC2sc is 12 rounds using the 11-round, flush-fit magazine or 15 rounds using the extended 14-round magazine. Shooting the MC2sc is more comfortable with the extended magazine, as it allows a full, three-finger grip. With the flush-fit magazine, the strong hand pinkie finger winds up curled under the magazine. It might be easier to conceal with the flush mag, but you’ll definitely want to shoot it with the bigger magazine.

Excellent capacity, great trigger, optics-ready and comfortable ergonomics – there’s a lot to like about Mossberg’s MC2sc. It’s not quite as ubiquitous as the G19 or P365, so if you’re looking for an everyday pistol with all the bells and whistle and bespoke accoutrements, this might not check your boxes. However, if you’re looking for a pistol that carries well and is more shootable that you might think, give the MC2sc a look.

 Holster: Galco Combat Master Belt holster (MSRP: $109)

While a pistol the size of the Mossberg MC2sc is more likely to be carried inside-the-waistband, it’s surprisingly easy to conceal in outside-the-waistband rigs like the Galco Combat Master we have today. Given the short barrel and small overall size of the MC2sc, a light outer garment like a vest will cover the pistol and holster under most conditions, just be careful when reaching over your head…

Constructed of premium steerhide with double-stitched seams for long life, the Combat Master has two belt loops at either end to spread the weight of the pistol across a large section of belt. There’s a slight butt-forward cant to speed presentation, an open muzzle and generous loops that will fit belts up to 1 ¾-inches wide. The Combat Master is available for a variety of handguns, for left- and right-handed shooters and comes in either black or tan.

Knife: Buck Knives Sprint Select (MSRP: $62.99)

We’re rounding out this carry setup with a solid, sturdy Buck Knives Sprint Select pocketknife. Made in the USA, the Sprint Select features glass-filled nylon scales, a 3 1/8-inch, 420HC stainless steel drop-point blade and a liner lock. It’s available in the green we have today as well as blue and black nylon as well.

The flipper opening mechanism opens the blade quickly and easily, and is ideal for single-hand operation. Molding on the handle and on the spine of the blade allow proper positioning in the hand for most cutting tasks. There’s even a low-profile pocket clip, allowing the Sprint Select to ride low in the pocket. At only 3.2 ounces, it’s not going to add a lot of weight to your daily loadout.


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