Five Easy 1911 Upgrades

posted on May 16, 2017

The 1911 pistol, the brainchild of John Moses Browning, has been renowned across the world for its durability, accuracy and fighting power. Today, upgrading guns is seen as routine, and many modern rifles and handguns are supported by a huge market of accessories and upgrades. The 1911 is harder to upgrade, due to the precise tolerances needed for the gun to function. However, a number of companies offer easy bolt-on products that are sure to help your 1911 run better. Here are five great upgrade options:

Valkyrie Dynamics Government/Commander Cobra Skeleton Grips enhance the durability of “Old Slabsides.” CNC machined from billet aluminum, every pair comes with a variety of stylishly textured, dual core-and-surface colors and treatments. Each eye-catching design provides ample purchase and contrasting colors, without sacrificing comfort. The company also produces grips in full and compact sizes.
MSRP: $39.99

B. Also available in 9 mm, 10 mm and .38 Super, Wicked Grips .45 ACP 1911 Magazines by Metalform feature the rollmark “Old Reliable,” a tongue-in-cheek touch to honor the battle-proven lineage of one of America’s favorite pistol cartridges. Easy-to-read numbers and witness holes make verifying capacity easy. MSRP: $18.95

C. The Wilson Combat #316C Complete Spring Kit provides the essential springs to give that favorite Commander a new lease on life. Extra-power recoil springs are rated for standard- and high-velocity loads. A reduced-power hammer spring improves trigger pull, while reducing the force to cycle the slide. MSRP: $15.95

D. Three ports span the top of the PTP Tactical 1911 Commander-Style Compensator, suppressing recoil and significantly reducing muzzle rise. Measuring a inch long and machined from 303 stainless steel, the compensator’s profile blends into the slide’s contour, giving the illusion of Government model length. MSRP: $59.95

E. Constructed from 303 Stainless Steel and compatible with any OEM Government model barrel, the Ingenious Gun Works 1911 2nd Gen Bushing features an innovative silicon chrome, heat-treated, spring-wire system recessed into the muzzle of the bushing to provide a match-grade fit between the bushing and the barrel. The spring is also nickel-boron coated for added lubricity. MSRP: $49.99


9mm, 9x21 mm
9mm, 9x21 mm

No Fun Finding 9x21 Ammo

When dealing with two similar calibers like the 9x21 mm and the 9 mm one must be particularly cognizant that the ammo used matches the caliber stamped on the barrel to lessen the possibility of potential damage to yourself and/or your firearm. 

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