First Look: XS Sights R3D Sights for the Kimber K6

A new sighting option for your Kimber revolver.

posted on June 4, 2023
Xs Sights Kimber K6

XS Sights is now offering their R3D night sights for the Kimber K6 snub-nose revolver as an upgrade to the factory sights. 

R3D night sights have a front sight with a bold green or orange coating around a central tritium vial. XS Sights refers to this as their “Glow Dot” and the material absorbs light from the tritium vial and from the surrounding ambient making the front sight glow keenly. The rear sight has a pair of smaller tritium vials to help align the front sight without actually distracting the eye from either the front sight or the target.

“Being able to see your sights in any light is critical in self-defense situations, and our R3D Night Sights are designed for this,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The R3D, with its Glow Dot technology and wider notch, is a significant upgrade that gives gun owners confidence in their ability to make the shot day or night.” 

The Kimber K6 is a compact revolver chambered for .357 Mag., which also means that carriers can safely load and shoot .38 Spl. cartridges. As a result, XS Sights offers sights sets calibrated for both the .357 Mag. and the .38 Spl. cartridges. 

R3D Night Sight Options for Kimber K6:

  • KB-R0001P-6N: Orange front sight only, works with factory rear sight, designed for .357 Mag.
  • KB-R0001P-6G: Green front sight only, works with factory rear sight, designed for .357 Mag.
  • KB-R0002P-6N – Orange front and rear set, designed to zero with .38 Spl.
  • KB-R0002P-6G – Green front and rear set, designed to zero with .38 Spl.

The MSRP for just the front sight is $73, and the MSRP for the front and rear sight set $138. R3D night sights are machined by XS Sights’ CNC mills from solid steel bar stock in-house at their machine shop located in Ft. Worth, TX. Installation by a qualified gunsmith is recommended due to the drilling of the front sight for the retention pin. Kimber K6 owners are able to purchase either the orange or green “Glow Dot” front sight only for $73 or the front and rear sets for $138. XS Sights offers their 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with a 12-year warranty for the R3D night sights. Please visit for more information.


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