First Look: X-Vision Optics Thermal Reflex Sight

X-Vision Optics is releasing a new thermal reflex sight offering an excellent price to performance ratio and also designed with versatility in mind.

posted on May 27, 2022
X Vision Thermal sight

The X-Vision TR1 Thermal Reflex sight can easily be mounted on a Picatinny rail surface and can save four different sets of ballistic data (including different ballistic models for the same firearm). These features bring a factor of convenience and the ability to employ different options as needed without worries about losing previous zeroing data.

Not only is the TR1 Thermal Reflex sight durable and compact (with an IP67 weatherproofing rating), its AMOLED display measures over one and a half inches across, providing you with clear imaging whether you’re out in the field hunting, surveying, stalking or target shooting during daytime or night time. The unit can withstand over 53 foot-pounds of recoil, granting it a wide spectrum of compatibility on various types of firearms or even crossbows. The AMOLED display is designed with infinite eye relief and includes five different color palettes that can be employed depending on the scenario at hand. These five different hue choices include white hot, black hot, red hot, target highlight and color-only. To help maintain image clarity, the shutter calibration on the TR1 can either be controlled manually or set to an automatic mode. In addition, its 25 hertz frame rate allows for smooth tracking of moving images at distance. The objective lens on this unit measure thirteen millimeters and its zoom range is one through 4 power magnification.

The TR1 Thermal Reflex Sight has a 1000-yard detection range with the added capability of a 500 yard recognition range. A visible 650 nanometer laser grants the user quick and easy target acquisition. Four different reticle shapes along with four different reticle color options are available.

The X-Vision Optics TR1 retails for $1,999.99. For more information on this thermal reflex sight and other products offered by X-Vision, please visit their website at


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