First Look: White River Always There Knife

posted on July 26, 2017
A critical component of any EDC kit is to have an easy-to-carry knife that can be used as a tool or a defensive arm whenever its needed. The new Always There Knife from White River Knife and Tool Company is designed and built to provide users with a blade that can be carried at all times with little effort.

The White River Always There Knife is constructed from CPM S35VN steel, providing a hardness of 60 HRC, and features a blade that measures 2.25 inches in length. The design features fixed-blade construction, and no handle materials are used, removing unnecessary weight in the knife's overall construction.

Instead, the tang of the blade forms the handle itself, and further unnecessary weight is removed through skeletonized cuts in the blade handle, bringing the total weight of the knife to a light 1.7 ounces. If end users want more presence in the grip, the skeletonized handle makes for a perfect foundation for a homemade handle constructed from 550 paracord. The overall length of the knife, including the skeletonized handle, is 6 inches long. The blade and handle measure a scant 0.13 inch in thickness, meaning that it can be easily concealed underneath a shirt or other cover garment.

The Always There Knife is made by custom knife designer Owen Baker Jr. and is designed to be worn in multiple positions. The blade is sold with a specially fit Kydex sheath that allows the knife to be stored tip up or tip down, depending on the user's preference. An included lanyard allows owners to hang the knife from their neck, making it easily accessible when needed. The sheath also allows users to keep the knife on the belt using a belt loop that allows for use at different points along the belt line.

The Kydex sheath is fully adjustable and ships with a 3/32 Allen key that allows end users to adjust the configuration of the sheath. The knife can be worn on the right or left side of a belt and can be adjusted to provide different deployment angles. The included belt loops fit belts up to 2 inches thick.

Everything sold by White River Knife and Tool is made in the USA, down to the small Allen key included with the knife. The suggested retail price on the White River Always There Knife is $80.


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