I Carry: SIG Sauer P238 in a Blackhawk Premium Leather Holster

posted on July 6, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a SIG Sauer P238 in a Blackhawk Premium Leather holster. We also have a SureFire flashlight, a Leatherman multi-tool and a Ridge Wallet to round-out a minimalist carry rig.

SIG Sauer P238 ($706)

In recent years, the market’s been overrun with a host of compact, micro pistols designed for concealed carry. However, options are somewhat limited for those used to 1911-style guns that feature a crisp, single-action trigger, manual safety and hammer-fired operating system. For those consumers, SIG has them covered with the P238 chambered in .380 ACP.

This two-tone model is built on an aluminum-alloy frame with a black-anodized finish. Paired with the frame is a stainless-steel slide complete with rear cocking serrations and prominent SIGLITE night sights, more easily seen than the low-profile sights found on many micro carry pistols today. The sights combined with the short, single-action trigger means that the P238 is much easier to shoot than many similarly sized guns. Size- and weight-wise, the P238 measures only 5 1/2 inches long, less than 4 inches high and just over an inch wide and weighs only 15 ounces.

Blackhawk Premium Leather Holster ($99.95)

To carry the P938, we turned to an industry giant: Blackhawk. Generally speaking, Blackhawk holsters have always geared toward the needs of the modern tactical shooter, providing duty-style rigs constructed from polymer, nylon and other cutting-edge materials. In 2018, the company went back to a more-traditional design with its all-new line of Premium Leather Holsters. This particular example, carried inside the waistband, features an antiqued-brown finish, and options are available with burnished finishes as well.

The holsters are all made in Italy and include an adjustable tension screw that enables wearers to fine-tune the amount of friction retention securing the gun into place. The holster attaches using a single metal belt clip and has a reinforced mouth that aids in reholstering, as well as a sweat guard that keeps the gun away from the wearer’s body.

SureFire Titan Plus ($99.99)

In the world of EDC flashlights, it seems like options tend to be either powerful and large or minimal in both size and output. Bringing together the positives from each camp is the SureFire Titan Plus, providing a maximum output of 300 lumens in a flashlight not much bigger than the AAA battery that powers it.

The light provides three output modes: high, medium and low. Total battery life is 1 hour on its highest setting. Really, the only drawback to the Titan Plus is the fact that it requires two hands to cycle through modes, since the light operates with a rotating bezel rather than a tailcap switch.

Leatherman Juice CS4 ($79.95)

While not as large as some of Leatherman’s other multi-tools, the Juice CS4 is packed with 15 separate tools, providing useful options like the needlenose pliers, knife, saw, scissors, can opener, screwdrivers and more. Each tool is made from 420HC stainless steel, while the textured, anodized outer handle is made from aluminum. Despite being jam-packed with different options, the whole thing measures only 3 ¼ inches long and weighs just over 5 and a half ounces.

Ridge Wallet ($65)

Looking to carry only the essentials, all while protecting your personal information from RFID scanners? The Ridge Wallet, constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, is designed to hold up to 12 cards between its two plates. On the exterior, a built-in money clip provides immediate access to cash and business cards. Though it’s built durably from solid aluminum, the Ridge Wallet weighs just 2 ounces, and options are available in a range of anodized color finishes.


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