First Look: TriStar Arms 410 Lever Shotgun

Holds five rounds of .410 and is available in three different finishes

posted on May 21, 2023
Tristar Lever action 410 Shotgun

TriStar Arms has just unveiled the new LR94 Lever Action shotgun, chambered for the .410-bore shotgun cartridge.

The TriStar LR94 Lever Action shotgun is dressed in classic style Western furniture and visually resembles the venerable Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action rifle, commonly chambered for the classic .30-30 Winchester rifle cartridge. The tubular magazine can hold five .410 cartridges plus one more in the chamber. The LR94 Lever Action shotgun’s receiver can be had with either a matte black finish, a matte nickel finish or a case hardened finish–all with oil finished Turkish walnut furniture. Some of the LR94’s features include a top safety, blade and bead front sight, and a leather lever handle wrap. This shotgun comes backed by TriStar’s five-year warranty as well. Moreover, this shotgun makes use of the Beretta Mobilchoke thread pattern, which has been around for a some time and is a proven system. Shooters can choose either a 22 or 24 inch barrel length, and the stock’s length of pull is 14.25 inches

Traditionally all shotshells are measured in “gauge”, except for the diminutive .410-bore cartridge, which is the smallest commercially available shotshell. Because it is so small in size compared to the standard 12-gauge cartridge, the .410 is modest in recoil, making it a good starting point for young children or smaller statured people who want to take up shotgun shooting. The cost of having such a mild cartridge of course is the fact that the .410-bore has a reduced payload, whether it be birdshot or buckshot. 

TriStar LR94 Lever Action Shotgun Specifications:

  • Caliber/Gauge: .410-bore 
  • Action: Lever action 
  • Barrel Length: 22 or 24 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 5 +1 
  • Chokes: Beretta Mobil Choke pattern
  • Finish: Matte black, Matte nickel or case hardening
  • Furniture: Oil-rubbed Turkish walnut
  • MSRP: $990 to $1100

Please visit for more information on the 410 Lever Shotgun or other products from TriStar Arms.


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