First Look: The Gunsite Glock Service Pistol

Gunsite teams up with Glock, Holosun and Davidson's to create a signature defensive pistol.

posted on January 4, 2023
The Gunsite Glock Service Pistol

Gunsite Academy is America’s oldest firearms academy dedicated to training armed citizens as well as military and law enforcement, and now it has teamed up with firearm manufacturer Glock Inc. as well as firearm distributor Davidson’s Gallery of Guns and optics manufacturer Holosun Technology to produce the new Gunsite Glock Service Pistol (GGSP). The GGSP is a 9mm Glock G45 model that has undergone months of testing and development 

  • Ameriglo suppressor-height sights
  • FBI magazine release (A bit larger than the standard release and has rounded edges.)
  • Lanyard loop in the tradition of the original Gunsite Service Pistol.
  • Minus connector for better trigger press.
  • Factory-milled slide 
  • Holosun 509T reflex optical sight mounted directly to the slide.
  • Serial number begins with “API” to honor the American Pistol Institute. 
  • Bird & Gunsite logo (“Bird and the Word”) on the slide.

Gunsite CEO Ken Campbell commented, ““Gunsite continues to evolve as Jeff Cooper envisioned it. Not just training, but also with the equipment now available. As with the original Gunsite Service Pistol (GSP), the Gunsite Glock Service Pistol (GGSP) is a robust, reliable, and affordable fighting person’s pistol.”  Gunsite Academy owner Owen “Buz” Mills concurred, “Glock, the right design, at the right time, with the right price. Just the right gun.”

Bob Radecki, Glock's National Sales Manager added, “Glock is very pleased to collaborate with Gunsite and Davidson’s to provide the Gunsite Glock Service Pistol to meet the needs of those that prefer an optic equipped, high capacity, striker fired pistol. Gunsite, Glock, and Davidson’s are leaders in their fields of endeavor and the features chosen for this pistol reflect that leadership and insight.”

The GGSP has an MSRP of $1,274.99 will be available starting on January 16, 2023. The GGSP will be sold exclusively through Davidson’s Gallery of Guns and the Gunsite Academy Pro Shop. For more information, please visit


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