I Carry: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS Pistol in a TacRig Holster

Today on "I Carry" we have a Glock G19 Gen5 MOS pistol in a TacRig holster.

posted on August 26, 2022

Firearm: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS (MSRP: $745)

We’ve returned to the Glock G19 Gen5 MOS pistol as a testament to its ubiquity and robust aftermarket support. As we’ve mentioned in previous episodes, when it comes to a concealed-carry handgun, the G19 represents a good balance of being easy to conceal and not unduly difficult to shoot—that’s important. Tiny pistols that hide easily need plenty of practice and instruction to shoot well; and full-size handguns can be hard to conceal. The G19 is a great mix of the two, and has been around for decades, so there’s a lot of support in the aftermarket.

That aftermarket support is significant; we’ve covered a number of parts designed for the Glock G19 Gen5 that are currently installed on this pistol, including the barrel, micro-compensator and Safety Control Device. Countless others are also available, not limited to but including levers, triggers and sights. Even the MOS system is serviced in the aftermarket—we’ve covered the excellent plates from C&H Precision Weapons that cover optics outside the MOS realm. Having choices is always good, as we’ve said repeatedly, and with the Glock G19 Gen5 MOS pistol, you have lots of choices.

While some might be content to never change a thing on their concealed-carry handgun of choice, countless others can and do search for the perfect mix that addresses any issues or concerns. Even if you’re not a fan of changing things around, something as simple as spare magazines are a lot easier to find if there are more options available than just the factory magazines. While, of course, factory magazines are the natural choice for replacements or extras, sometimes they’re not available or cost too much to be practical. More than a dozen different companies make Glock magazines, and we’re just counting what can be found in a five-second search on the internet. Lastly, we’ve discussed numerous times how prevalent the Glock is when it comes to finding a holster for one.

Without any additions, upgrades, changes or replacements, the Glock G19 Gen5 MOS is a great choice. Its track record is solid, it’s been tested and proven in the field and there are many companies providing support for the platform. The MOS system offers a convenient way to put multiple optics on the pistol, while the Gen5 upgrades like the interchangeable backstraps and rounded corners make it easier to shoot and carry. By itself it’s a great choice; factor in the large number of upgrades and gear available, it’s practically a no-brainer, especially for the millions of new shooters out there searching for options for their concealed-carry handgun.

Holster: TacRig Flex IWB/OWB Package (MSRP: $169.99)

We ran into the folks from TacRig at the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, and were intrigued by the concept. Imagine having a holster that’s both tuckable inside-the-waistband as well as outside-the-waistband, and can change between the two modes in seconds—that’s exactly what TacRig’s Flex IWB/OWB Package can do. Securing the holster to the Flex backing or the OWB belt loops is a series of quick-disconnect knobs the user pulls to release and then snaps the new item in place. IWB? OWB? Whatever the day calls for, it takes seconds to be ready.

Best of all, the holster shell can be swapped out for different handguns. Each is precision-molded for the specific pistol, and is compatible with mounted optics, suppressor-height sights and threaded barrels. Right- and left-handed models are available, and shells can be ordered in a variety of colors. In the IWB configuration, the TacRig Flex IWB/OWB Package is tuckable and can be used in the appendix position if desired; OWB leaves the unit tucked in close to the body for excellent concealment.

Optic: Holosun SCS/MOS Green (MSRP: $435.28)

It was only a matter of time before some smart company did this: Holosun has released an optic that fits directly on the Glock MOS slide cut. It is, frankly, a genius move—the single biggest problem I have with the MOS system is the need to have the two separate attachment points of plate-to-slide and optic-to-plate. That means four screws to keep tight and secure, two of which are in between the optic and the slide. With the SCS/MOS unit, it is designed to mount directly to the MOS cut. Brilliant!

That’s not where the genius ends, either. “SCS” stands for Solar Charging Sight, and Holosun has expanded the solar backup system to charge an internal battery, which means the unit should be able to operate without replacing the battery, only charging it periodically. There’s even a battery level indicator in the display. Brightness is controlled automatically, but can be overridden to be adjusted manually. Oh, and the reticle is Holosun’s multi-reticle system, which can be cycled between a 2-MOA dot, a 32-MOA circle and a dot/circle combination. All this in a titanium housing with a green dot/circle? That’s a lot of tech in a 1.3-ounce sight.


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