First Look: TacShield TQ Med MOLLE Pouch

posted on October 17, 2019

Studies and experience have shown that giving a victim emergency care in the first few minutes after a traumatic injury is essential. Those first few seconds can make the difference between life and death, and having a tourniquet and other medical gear on-hand when it’s needed most can potentially save a life.

TacShield offers combat- and emergency-ready products that have been battle-proven by the US Military, and the company is rolling out its new “TQ Med MOLLE Pouch,"  a small, MOLLE-compatible case that is designed to hold a tourniquet, trauma shears, gloves and other items within easy reach for quick and easy on-demand access.

The low-profile TQ Med MOLLE Pouch is made from rugged 1000-Denier Cordura nylon and is carefully designed to carry critical trauma supplies for emergency situations in the field or on the range. The pouch has an outside pocket for trauma shears and also a quick access pull handle that opens up the inside of TQ Med MOLLE Pouch to allow quick access to all emergency tools. A tourniquet, gloves, pharyngeal tubes or other medical supplies (not included) can be securely held in the pouch using a heavy-duty elastic strap and pocket.

Each TQ Med MOLLE Pouch is designed to keep supplies organized and accessible without the bulkiness of other traditional medical pouches. A red cross and the TQ letters on the front of the pouch clearly show the function of the pouch and its contents, ensuring nearby personnel can clearly identify the contents of the emergency pouch without opening, allowing for a fast, life-saving response.

The TQ Med MMOLLE pouch is available in black or coyote. MSRP is $29.99, and more information is available at


shooter at the range
shooter at the range

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