First Look: Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Pistol Series

posted on July 17, 2017
Springfield Armory announced four new models in its line of popular Range Officer handguns, bringing a new level of performance and versatility to the company's well-known 1911 pistols.

"The original 1911 Range Officer line remains a huge success with serious shooters," Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese said. "It made professional level performance more affordable by leveraging the tools, techniques and experience only Springfield Armory has. That’s always been our calling card. The new RO Elite models are more of the same: premium features, high performance, affordable price."

The new lineup features guns in both 9 mm and .45 ACP, and every 1911 pistol in the new collection features the company's Black-T finish, which is applied on 1911 pistols used by regional SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams of the FBI. This proprietary coating features self-lubricating properties and protects the guns from corrosion and wear during heavy duty use in harsh environments.

The Range Officer Elite series pistols also include brand-new Gen 2 triggers, which feature a completely new design, along with ambidextrous thumb safeties and slim grips made from G10 material. In total, the company claims that more than $370 worth of custom work is included in these guns for a price increase of only $125 over the original Range Officer.

The Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Target is specifically designed to provide shooters with an accurate target gun. The pistol is constructed with a match-grade frame and slide which are made from forged steel, and the two components are fit together precisely for optimum performance. The gun also features a match-grade stainless-steel barrel that measures 5 inches long. Other features of the gun include an adjustable rear sight, fiber-optic front sight and the company's innovative GI recoil system. The suggested retail price for the Elite Target starts at $1,048.

The company also introduced the Range Officer Elite Operator, which features the same 5-inch match-grade barrel made from stainless steel as the one used in the Elite Target, ensuring pinpoint accuracy. The gun also features a Picatinny rail machined into the frame that allows for the use of lights and lasers. Other features of the gun include front and rear slide serrations, tactical-ledge rear sight, fiber-optic front sight and the company's GI recoil system. The suggested retail price for the Elite Operator starts at $1,145.

The third new gun in the Springfield Armory lineup is the Range Officer Elite Champion. This pistol features a full-size, lightweight aluminum frame, along with a match-grade, stainless-steel barrel that measures 4 inches long. The barrel is set inside of a forged-steel slide, along with a recoil system that uses a captive flat-wire spring. The suggested retail price for the Elite Champion starts at $1,030.

Finally, the company announced the rollout of the Range Officer Elite Compact, which features a compact-size frame made from forged aluminum for the utmost in lightweight performance. The gun features a stainless-steel, match-grade bull barrel that measures 4 inches long, and uses a flat-wire captive recoil system. The gun also features a tactical-ledge rear sight and a fiber-optic front sight. The suggested retail price for the Elite Compact starts at $1,030.



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