First Look: Springfield Armory Hellcat 15-Round Magazine

posted on May 17, 2021
The Springfield Armory Hellcat was the first micro 9 mm to offer such impressive capacity, and now the double-stack platform is getting even greater capacity in its magazine design. Springfield introduced the 15-round magazine in both black and FDE, which not only beefs up your carrying capacity but provides more grip length for an even better purchase on the firearm. 

The Hellcat mags feature a stainless steel construction that is great for durability, as well as a numbered round count with witness holes so you can see exactly how many rounds you've got left. The mag also features a polymer follower, while the grip extension portion is textured with the Adaptive Grip Texture, same as the handgun itself, and gives you more to hold onto. 

MSRP on the new 15-round magazines is $39.95 for both black and FDE. For more information, check out


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pistol with smartphone

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