First Look: Snap Safe Trunk Safe II

Keep your valuables locked up while you’re away from home.

posted on March 24, 2022
Snapsafe trunk safe II

Leaving your valuable in plain sight inside of your vehicle is an open invitation for thieves. The new Trunk Safe II from Snapsafe is a simple and effective security solution to this common problem. The safe has plenty of room for hiding and securing access to your tools, firearms, electronics, documents and other valuables.

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II Features:

  • Large storage capacity for tools, firearms, equipment, documents, and more
  • Theft protection for your SUV, car trunk, RV or home
  • Heavy-duty 13-gauge steel exterior with rugged 6-gauge steel door featuring eight interior locking lugs
  • Internal hinges and premium gas shocks that provide smooth operation
  • Digital lock (programable) with key backup
  • Pry resistant door
  • Includes a 3-foot cable for added security when anchored to a stationary object
  • Pre-drilled holes on the bottom panel for permanent installation
  • Integrated handles to assist with transport in and out of a vehicle
  • Padded floor mat

The Trunk Safe II is a heavy-duty, secure storage solution. It has 13-gauge steel exterior walls and robust 6-gauge steel door to protect your valuables. The door recesses into the frame and has eight interior locking lugs to prevent someone from prying around its perimeter and opening the vault, while internal hinges and premium gas shocks ensure smooth operation. The safe weighs 69 pounds and strikes a good balance between heft and portability: It's heavy enough to prevent an opportunistic grab-and-go robber but light enough for easy loading into your vehicle.

The Trunk Safe II includes a 3-foot cable for anchoring to a stationary object for added security. Four pre-drilled holes on the bottom panel enable permanent installation in the location of your choice. A padded bottom liner protects what's inside as you travel about. 

The safe measures 42 inches wide, 7 inches high and 13 inches deep, creating more than 3700 cubic inches of storage space. These dimensions enable the Trunk Safe II to fit the back of an SUV, car trunk or RV and equally well at home. There are  D-handles integrated on the end panels for easier moving.

A programmable digital lock with a 3-to-8-digit access code allows for quick entry, and a key ensures a backup opening method in the case of a low battery.

MSRP for the Trunk Safe II is $663.99, and for more information on this product or other gear from Snap Safe, please visit


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