First Look: Sako S20 Hybrid Rifle

posted on March 7, 2020

Beretta and Sako are introducing a new line of rifles, the Sako S20, a true hybrid rifle. The new S20 rifle is designed with today’s diverse range of shooting styles in mind, and features a takedown stock interface and adjustable ergonomics, teamed up with an unprecedented design which delivers unique modularity, exceptional durability and unparalleled sub-MOA accuracy.

The unique modularity of the Sako S20’s stock allows the shooter to adapt their rifle to their preferences by using different rear stocks and fore-ends. Along with the launch of the S20 rifle, Sako is also offering a separate tactical precision stock and an ergonomic hunting stock and corresponding fore-ends as an add-on stock for your rifle.

A new tactical precision rear stock combines extensive modularity with unparalleled ergonomics for even the most demanding precision shooters. The fore-end of the precision stock was crafted specifically for precision shooting with a flat bottom that helps balance the rifle when you’re shooting without a bipod.

The S20 hunter rear stock was designed for comfort and ergonomics in the field. The ergonomic grip improves shot accuracy without compromising comfort, and the fore-end is designed to handle versatile hunting environments with its integrated, soft “leather-like” grip surface to provide an optimal grip in any weather condition.

Users will be able to switch between the stocks and fore-ends quickly and easily and can change the rifle from a tactical to a hunting rifle or vice versa in a matter of minutes with no need to re-zero optics after assembly. The stocks can be taken down easily by loosening up two screws between the rear stock and fore-end. 

The S20 stock is built with an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis that carries all the recoil forces and has been carefully designed for maximum stiffness to increase accuracy and robustness. Additionally, the S20 utilizes strong H.I.R (high impact resistant) material over the chassis to provide a high level of comfort and adaptability. 

Adjustable ergonomics are essential to the design of S20 rifle. The multi-adjustable trigger is available in both single-stage and two-stage variants and can be moved backward or forward to better fit different hand sizes. A quickly adjustable cheekpiece and spacer help to find the best possible shooting position which, combined with a wide selection of M-Lok and QD compatible accessory options, allows the S20 to adapt to almost any body size and shooting situation.

The cold hammer-forged barrel of the Sako S20 works with the whole-length aluminum V-Bedding system to increase repeatable accuracy. The receiver of the rifle has been engineered with an integrated Picatinny rail that is machined directly into the steel receiver. The bolt of the S20 is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel for better weather resistance and has a firing-pin safety and a very high locking lug surface area. This feature, combined with the three locking-lug design, enables a smooth, safe and precise operation of the rifle.

A Cartridge Plus magazine for the Sako S20 is built from glass-reinforced composite and is designed to support reloaders with longer maximum cartridge length. The unique structure of the magazine allows the cartridges to be supported from the shoulder in order to prevent recoil-induced bullet damage. The S20 comes with a five-round (3 Magnum) magazine, and a 10-round (7 Magnum) magazine is also available.

The Sako S20 will be initially available in .243 Win., .308 Win., 6.5 CM, .270 Win., .30-'06 Sprg., 7 mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag. and 6.5 PRC calibers, and more information is available at


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